By: Steve Dellar | 10-03-2017 | News
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Brussels Imam Expelled by Belgian Government For Preaching Hate

Belgium’s conservative government decided to expel the Imam of Brussels biggest mosque for preaching hate.

The Secretary for Migration, Mr Theo Francken, of the nationalist NVA party, decided that the main Imam of Brussels biggest mosque is endangering the lives of Belgian citizen’s by preaching hate.

Mr Francken: “I received information that the man is a threat for our national security as he is supportive of Salafi beliefs. He is one of the main ideologists of Wahhabism in Europe and for that reason is no longer welcome in Brussels.”

Salafi belief is a very conservative and radical interpretation of Islam which is being upheld in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

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The Secretary for Migration, who is a favorite in line to head his party: “Salafi belief is responsible for many attacks in Europe if you take into account jihad and the stories involving IS and the Belgian terror attacks.”

The Belgian media, worried that retracting the visa for the Imam of Brussels, who is very well known in Saudi Arabia, could be a cause for tension with the Gulf States, was offered the following response by Mr Francken: “We are also not agreeing on everything with Turkey. I am no longer issuing visas for anyone from a Turkish Diyanet Mosque. There could be tensions, but at a certain point Belgium has to take responsibility.”

Mr Francken is taking a very hard line against Islamism in Belgium and for this reason is currently the most popular politician on the northern (Flemish) side of the country. In the Walloon (French) press he is seen as a modern white nationalist.

Various smaller countries in Western Europe are taking an ever harder line against extremist Islamic groups, and certainly are keeping an eye out against anyone preaching hate.

Earlier this week a new law came into force in Austria forbidding the wear of face covering veils, which was enforced immediately.


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