By: Diana Printz | 01-02-2017 | News

Degradation Of Women Thanks To Marxism

Marxist feminists are to blame for women’s degradation this is because it focuses on investigating and explaining the ways in which women are oppressed through systems of capitalism and private property. The whole concept also insinuates that women's liberation is only possible through a radical restructuring of the current capitalist economy, which is opposed by many Marxist feminists. This has resulted various forms of degradation such as uncompensated labor.

This has given the society lee way to continuously degrade women in various ways that have victimized them including beatings, physical abuse, social, legal and political injustices. The notion that women’s degradation is only rampant in the developing countries is false, despite America's status as a civilized country, women’s degradation is very rampant in many avenues.

It’s such a disgrace that various studies have shown that one-third of all women suffer domestic violence at some point in their lives. Instead of the media reporting these alarming cases, the media is busy exploiting degradation against women with the intent on cashing in.

When you see degenerate women on the street with green hair, dressed trashy, and acting like sluts, you can thank Karl Marx. He set this ball in motion. Women are not the same as men. They should be treated with respect, and raised properly in an environment that includes religion. I am not talking about the religion of peace! I am talking about the religions that treat people with respect, and don’t celebrate Happy New Years with a bomb in a disco.

Men are physically stronger than women, except for some rare exceptions. Men should never abuse women for this reason. It is reprehensible for a man to strike a woman. Even if she deserves it. Ok boys, I am not talking about a little spanking, when we play with our lover, but brutal punches ,slaps and violence. Take that to the bar, and pick on someone your own size.

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