By: Kyle James | 10-04-2017 | News
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Snapchat Shooter Calls Video "No Big Deal"

A woman who filmed her and her boyfriend driving around drunk while shooting guns out of their car windows has been interviewed by media and said thinks it was "no big deal." Sierra Tarbutton was interviewed from in jail where she appeared upset over her actions but still fails to grasp the seriousness of her crimes. According to police, Tarbutton and Michael "Money Mike" Cuellar both appear in a video posted to the social media app Snapchat where they opened fire on homes in west Houston.

The couple fire multiple weapons outside of the moving vehicle's windows in the video. Tarbutton even admitted they were drinking at the time, "We were drinking at the time and were riding around, shooting in the air." Cuellar has been released on bond but Tarbutton remains behind bars without bond because of prior felony convictions. In her jailhouse interview, Tarbutton says she feels she is being unfairly attacked and judged. She even cried halfway through the video. Tarbutton's mother, who is a former corrections officer, also seems to fail to grasp the gravity of her daughter's actions and defended her by saying "the area she was in, she knows no one could have gotten hurt."

That couldn't be further from the truth. Bullets fired into the air come back to earth with enough velocity to penetrate the roof of a home and kill someone, in fact, its happened before as recently as July. Noah Inman, 13, was struck in the head by a falling bullet fired into the sky during Fourth of July celebrations.

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