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Missing Journalist Kim Wall Stabbed 15 Times After Boarding Danish Inventor's Submarine

Missing journalist Kim Wall was last seen aboard Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine but Madsen said he dropped her off at land alive and well. Later the Danish inventor changed his story and said that she had died from an accident aboard the submarine and he had buried her at sea. 10 days after she first boarded the vessel, her headless and dismembered corpse was found floating in waters off of Copenhagen on Aug. 21.

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The cause of her death has not been determined but prosecutor Jakob Buck-Jepsen described injuries discovered during the autopsy to the court. Buck-Jepsen told the courts that her body had multiple knife woulds and they had been inflicted "at the time of death or shortly afterwards." The prosecutor also described how authorities found torture porn on Madsen's computer depicting woman being tortured and killed. Appearing in court via a video conference, Madsen denied knowledge of the violent material and claimed that others had access to his workstation. According to Madsen's lawyer Betina Hald Engmark, the court heard "nothing that supports Kim Wall being killed by my client."

When Madsen originally admitted that Wall had died in a "terrible accident" he had also stated that he sunk her body with metal weight. The prosecutor disagreed and told courts that the autopsy found her missing limbs were cut off after her death. Buck-Jepsen also told the court, "Our suspicion hasn’t changed, it has been strengthened since September 5."

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Anonymous No. 9151 2017-10-04 : 13:48

what a tragic death..

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