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Las Vegas Shooting: Paddock's Girlfriend Remains a Person of Interest

The woman first reported to be connected to Las Vegas mad shooter Stephen Paddock, previously identified as his roommate and girlfriend, and originally said to be a person of interest to law enforcement, may even be cleared of any links to the gruesome crime, after all. But many details remain confusing and even missing. For now, she remains a person of interest into the criminal investigation.

The woman identified as Marilou Danley is said to be out of the country when the crime took place in Las Vegas. It is still unconfirmed, though, if Danley is in the Philippines, her country of origin. Some reports say she’s in Japan. American investigators say, however, that they are in contact with Danley. She is also said to be returning to the U.S. and will cooperate with the investigations.

Danley, 62 is an Australian citizen and still has some family members over there. Her citizenship was confirmed by Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

But all suspicions about Danley are not cleared yet, and Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo says she continues to be a person of interest.

Another crucial information has emerged indicating that a week before carrying out the horrific mass shooting, Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines. It is not yet clear if Danley has anything to do with said huge transaction.

Other reports have floated the terrorist angle to be the reason for the huge money transfer to the Philippines, given that the Southeast Asian nation has links to ISIS forces in its conflict-ridden southern part. Law enforcement are still looking into the said money transfer.

Various media interviews with people who identified as Danley’s friends all say she has nothing to do with the crime, with one friend telling a media interview that Danley had “nothing to do with the psycho.”

On another hand, there are also fresh reports that say Paddock has visited the Philippines with Danley, and that they have even been photographed together in front of a common-looking house said to be located in the Philippines.

The FBI is in close coordination with law enforcement in the Philippines, and being a close, local officials are expected to cooperate fully with their American counterparts to assist solve the remaining mysteries surrounding Paddock.

Danley in her Facebook account referred to herself as a “proud mom and grandma who lives life to the fullest.” The page has since been deactivated. Her Linkedin page has also been taken down where she was previously described as a “gambling and casino professional” in Reno from 2010 to 2013.

Danley was also previously married to Geary Danley for 25 years before they jointly filed for divorce. There is a strong Filipino-American community in Las Vegas.


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Anonymous No. 9148 2017-10-04 : 13:31

Just tossing out something to think about…

The Philippine nation has been fighting a very bloody ISIS backed terrorist war for several years now.

I wonder if that $100K is headed to a money laundering Charity for Islamic Radical groups?

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