By: Earnest Jones | 01-01-2017 | News
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Politifact Is All Pro-Vaccine And Pro-GMO

In today’s world, finding the truth is getting increasingly difficult, this is as a result of the deceptive, biased, dishonest and manipulative outlets. The website Politifact is definitively pro-GMO and pro-vaccine. However, the site claims to fact check what other political opinions and politicians say and then uses its Truth-O-Meter scale to rate statements on the basis of how accurate they are. The site rates information on a scale of four that range from True and Half True to Mostly False and Pants on Fire. However, this might sound appealing theoretically but what the site doesn’t tell us is the fact that it hires fact checkers who are in favor of GMOs and vaccines.

Politifact has gone to the extremes as it tries to further the GMO and Vaccines agenda, for instance, the organization published an article that was titled Ben Carson says pediatricians should cut down the proximity and number of vaccines. The article called out Dr. Carson after he made a statement saying that some doctors were reducing the number of vaccines so as to make sure that children don’t receive as many dosages. To make matters worse, the site offered a pro-vaccine argument claiming that medical organizations have done research and concluded that scheduling multiple vaccines at once is safe.

The main problem with the article’s claims is the fact that the author has no medical credentials yet he has the guts to discredit Carson who is an internationally renowned medical doctor who was director of pediatric neurosurgery at a prestigious university medical center for decades.

Politifact flat-out denied the fact that vaccines cause autism by stating that there’s a lot of information that we don’t have yet concerning the major cause of autism adding that doctors had ruled out vaccines. Politifact pointed out that decades of epidemiological research had shown that autism rates do not increase when vaccines are introduced to a population.

Politifact has also claimed that GMO pose no risk of harm. It’s evident that its biased in favor of GMOs too. In an article published on March 2015, it reported that U.S. products have been approved for market by up-to three federal agencies. Adding that there has been several independent safety testing conducted in Europe.

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