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Photo credit: Manitowoc County Jail

Making A Murderer Star Steven Avery Denied New Trail

Steven Avery of Netflix documentary series "Making a Murderer" requested a new trail for his role in the crimes but was denied today by a circuit court judge. Steven Avery was tried and found guilty for the murder of Teresa Halbach and his appeal for a new trail has been denied.

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Credit: Manitowoc County Jail


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Judge Angela Sutkiewicz of the Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Circuit Court said "Given the totality of evidence submitted at trial and the ambiguous conclusions as stated in the experts’ reports, it cannot be said that a reasonable probability exists that a different result would be reached at a new trial based on these reports."

The motion for appeal was just one of a list of motions filed by Avery's attorney that cited forensic tests that are now available he believes could be used to disprove the prosecution's evidence that ultimately convicted Avery. Avery was convicted of Halbach's murder in 2005 but a question surrounding a DNA sample found on a key in his trailer leaves his attorney's skeptical. The judge in the trail said, "While the defendant asserts that someone took his toothbrush and planted the DNA on the subkey, there is no evidence submitted that establishes a break in or the theft of a toothbrush other than the defendant’s conclusory allegations."

Avery was convicted in Netflix "Making a Murderer" documentary series along with Brendan Dassey who admitted to the killing but his attorney's argue it was coerced. The judge's denial of Avery's appeal likely marks the end of any hope for him but Dassey's attorney's are still fighting his own conviction.

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