By: Red Pill | 10-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: Dunlap Police

Hell's Angels’ 'Captain Jack Sparrow' Arrested for Burglary while Dressed as Pirate in Tennessee

Some headlines just write themselves I suppose, and this one is spot on.

Law enforcement in Dunlap, Tennessee say that they've made an arrest in a Burglary of a man who was dressed as a pirate during the crime.

Yes, he was wearing a black pirate hat, a black vest, a brown jacket, and red gloves when he was apprehended by the Dunlap Police Department.

To further make matters more interesting, the criminal, Knoxville resident Benjamin Zielinski is a known members of the Hell's Angels biker gang.

As if the plot had not already thickened, his street name is actually <i>”Captain Jack Sparrow”</i>, a nod to the Disney Films Pirates of the Caribbean.

However, he's not nearly as strung out on drugs and alcohol as Johnny Depp, so he has that going for him.

Officers say when the took Captain Jack Sparrow into custody he also resisted arrest, so he's been charged with that alongside the burglary rap.

The pirate, Hell's Angel, Johnny Depp imposter Benjamin Zielinski will appear in court next week.


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Tim hobbs No. 9124 2017-10-04 : 05:18

I know this guy very well he's not a hell's angels member he has alot of mental problems and needs help and by you saying that he's a hell's angels member your probably going to get him beat up or killed he's orig

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