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HIV-Positive Man Kidnapped, Held Captive, and Rapes Teenager in Georgia; Giving her AIDS

Authorities say that a Georgia man raped a tennager, while he knew he was HIV-Positive, and now she's testing positive for AIDS.

The criminal rape and assault of the woman was bad enough, however now she may be facing a death sentence and she's just the victim of the vile creature and his perverse actions.

During a bond hearing after his arrest, 43 year old Torrence Fatai Thornton admitted to the courts that he is indeed HIV-Positive, but denied having ever raped the fifteen year old victim.

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Thornton is now facing several felony charges including statutory rape, rape, aggravated child molestation, reckless conduct, and two counts of child molestation.

Bibb County Prosecutor said the sexual assault began when the perverse and HIV ridden criminal attempted to sway the victim into taking naked photos for him, and she refused.

That's when he attacked, according to Bibb County Prosecutor Cara Fiore, and locked the girl inside of a room forcing her to undress and film her vagina for him.

Although authorities have yet to charge Thornton with kidnapping, it's believed that he held the teen captive afterwards from March 1st of 2016 until February 19th of 2017, where he sodomized and raped the young girl countless times.

In open court the Cara Fiore said, "It shows that he has absolutely no care in the world about what he does to these victims. He knew what he had, and he did it anyway.”

According to Fiore Thornton threatened the girl that if she ever told anyone he would “get his boys and come after her,” a fear that kept her trapped to allow the abuse to continue.

Despite the claims Thornton still claims he did nothing wrong, saying to the Judge that, “The whole accusation is false. If I had just raped you, you should have left the house and reported it immediately."

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms replied, "I've been in this business a long time, Mr. Thornton, and that's not the way it happens, particularly with children."

Judge Simms refused to issue bond to Thornton, stating that he has multiple violent criminal offenses and drug convictions and that he had threatened the witnesses in the case.

Georgia Law implicitly states that a person is aware of being HIV-positive, that person can be charged with a felony, punishable by imprisonment of not more than ten years, if that person "knowingly engages in sexual intercourse or performs or submits to any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another person and the HIV infected person does not disclose to the other person the fact of that infected person's being an HIV infected person prior to that intercourse or sexual act."

The potential for future charges may arise now that the Prosecution has been made aware that the young girl has indeed been tested and checks out for not just having an HIV-Positive status but full blown AIDS.

It's a terrifying situation, according to Battered Woman's Advocate Camille Latterly, who said that in many of the cases she's dealt with where rape victims are then passed along serious STD's or HIV they become depressed and suicidal.

“She has a major struggle ahead of her. Her entire life, being taken away from her by a ruthless criminal,” said Latterly.

The vile human being also has other pending charges against him, for both aggravated sodomy and reckless conduct where he held at gunpoint between October 1st and October 2nd of 2016.

The case will now be bound over to the Grand Jury for a potential indictment and Thornton will be held pending that result as well as his other charges.


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Anonymous No. 9067 2017-10-03 : 07:53

Hang him!

Anonymous No. 9073 2017-10-03 : 09:20

Hang him high, publicly, and let all see his rotting carcass.

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