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Crenshaw County Schools in Alabama Closed Tomorrow due to 'Unspecific Threat'

Breaking reports tonight which underscore the state of our nation at the moment under a heightened alert, unlike that which we have seen in America since September 11th of 2001.

The terrible tragedies of Las Vegas and the countless lives lost have the entire country on the seat of their chairs, and now we're seeing that affect local communities here in Alabama.

The Crenshaw County Schools District in Luverne, Alabama is taking zero chances after reports of an ‘Unspecific Threat’ against the school system, after district officials confirmed there were risks posed to their classrooms.

The entire school district has canceled classes tomorrow as a result of this threat, something officials say is not worth taking a chance over.

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For those old enough to remember, this is how it felt post 9/11, as all of America was literally on edge fearing any potential copycats or continued attacks.

Schools would close, businesses shut down, transit centers have emergency evacuations; all as a preventative measure at that sign of any threat.

Sometimes in these instances you have edgelord trolls making such threats for thrill and humor; but as of now Crenshaw County School District is not willing to risk their students as a result of the potential for lost lives after what we've seen in Vegas.

I certainly hope this doesn't become a trend across the United States of America, and hope life can continue in mourning for those who are no longer with us without the fear or uncertainty we all felt after today.


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