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Seven young refugees, suspected of lighting a homeless man on fire, are now in custody of the German Police. Six of them surrendered after their pictures had been released to the public, while the seventh, a 21-year-old Syrian and the main suspect was arrested by civilians near his home address.

This cruel attempted murder of a sleeping homeless person has horrified people all over Europe.

The police released photographs of the suspects unusually fast. They claim it is because of the seriousness of the crime, and that a judge approved the release quickly. There is no evidence it is a reflection of the immigration status of the suspects.

The German authorities are investigating the crime as an attempted murder, and the suspects are facing imprisonment. Some of them were known to the police before thin incident. They are likely facing imprisonment for three to seven years.

The seven suspects admit to having been at the Schonleinstrasse underground station. Under interrogation, however, they have been making contradictory statements about their involvement in the case.

The German man, aged 37, was sleeping under newspapers at the Schonleinstrasse underground station on Christmas Day. At around 2am the perpetrators lit the newspapers on fire. Rapid intervention from passers-by and a train driver with a fire extinguisher saved him from injuries. The perpetrators fled on a train.

Six of the suspects are from Syria and one from Libya. Their ages range from 15 to 21. Two of them have been in Germany since 2014, the others arrived between 2015 and 2016. Their immigration status is different, some have residency permits already, while others are still seeking asylum.

Aydan Ozoguz, the Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration, has called for better support for young refugees. This is a classic political strategy of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. The fault lies entirely with the German government, because of Angela Merkel's policies of unchecked influx of uncivilized Muslim terrorists and criminals into Germany and Europe – with no effort whatsoever to integrate them into western society; or weeding out the rotten apples.

According to the psychiatrist Malek Bajbouj, who treats refugees with mental problems at the Charite University Clinic, those who commit such violent acts usually have a criminal background.

> When you look at the biographies of [refugees] who have committed rape or attacks like in Berlin - then they usually have a criminal background.

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