By: Savannah Smith | 10-02-2017 | News
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Cannibal Couple Kissing Photo Pickling Last Victim

An eerie photo showing Russian cannibal couple is going the rounds on social media sending disgust and fury among users especially in light of revelation that pickled human remains of their last victim were found in a glass jar in their fridge.

The cringe-worthy picture emerged after revelation that suspect Natalia Baksheeva, 42, complained that she had been mocked by prison mates in jail, with taunts of: “Did you eat enough human meat?”

Her husband and literal partner in crime, Dmitry Baksheev, 35, is on solitary confinement as there were “fears” he would be beaten by fellow prisoners if placed in regular jail.

Shocking glass jars were found in the couple’s home with horrific still-unidentified frozen body parts and “steamed human meat “ on the grounds of a Russian military academy. Among those discovered were the pickled body parts of their most recent victim Elena Vashrusheva, 35.

The couple earlier admitted to killing Vasrusheva, a waitress, “in a fit of jealousy” after Natalia accused her of attempting to seduce her husband. Natalia is said to be the dominant partner in the relationship, and in jail, the husband has complained of being separated from his wife. People who have visited them including a human rights activist all said that two share a “’mad love”’ for each other.

Natalia is the grandchild of Konstantin Chanikov who was a decorated World War II hero in Stalin’s forces.

The Russian Investigative Committee, whose operations and functions mirror the work of the FBI, is examining an alleged confession from the ex-nurse’s claim that she and her husband ate at least 30 people. The alleged victims include women dating site users who went missing after agreeing to meet with the couple.

Spokesman Vadim Bugaenko said they are still verifying information about mass murders and there is no confirmation yet on the alleged confessions of Natalia.

The couple, however, suddenly changed their claims, and now say they’re admitting only to Vakrusheva’s murder, but are taking back earlier confession of being involved in previous killings and cannibalism. Dmitry is said to be even mad at being called a cannibal, and has fully denied having eaten human meat.

Officials also discovered videos with instructions on how to cannibalize humans in the couple’s apartment. They also found a photo dating back to 1999 which shows a human face being prepared as a dish surrounded by oranges.

There were also allegations that Natalia made and sold pies from suspected human meat and even supplied local restaurants with such “product.”

A former friend of the couple, retired air force communications officer Sergey Labintsev said he could have been eaten too and could have died, and it was only because he was in good shape that he was able to fight back. He said has also been accused by the couple of sleeping with Natalia.


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