By: Earnest Jones | 12-31-2016 | News
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New York Times Struggles To Raise Operating Capital- Vacates 8 Floors To Generate Rental Income

The Mainstream Media has been used by the establishment for decades in promoting the malicious agendas of the oligarchist. The establishment has been successful in its corrupt ways by robbing the American citizens, in return, the Mainstream Media has leaped a lot of money in the process. However, American people have awakened to the truth and realized that the biased corporate media is up to no good; thanks to the alt-media

The Mainstream Media is headed for extinction as a recent study showed that most Americans no longer trust the MMS and its wicked ways. This is just the beginning of the MMS downfall. The first victim to suffer loss is the iconic New York Times which is slowly dying. This is a result of the self-inflicted wounds that its reporters and left-wing hack editors are yet to fathom.

The New York Times has finally got what it deserves and as a result, its financial status has been greatly affected to a point where it has started looking for alternative sources of capital. In a report issued by Zero Hedge, The NYT announced that it would vacate eight floors in the Times Iconic building and rent them out to generate operating capital.

This move contradicts previous announcements in which it said that its ad hoc campaign was a smashing success, the campaign seeks to bolster revenues by selling subscriptions to its online editions as a move to neutralize the Trump effect.

It turns out that the previous announcement on ad hoc campaign were also fake news since the paper is desperately looking for operating capital by diversifying its business model to renting eight of its floors. Martin Thompson and Arthur Sulzberger are executives of the paper, they made a statement saying that the NYT must generate significant income since it’s too expensive to occupy the many floors.

The staff will have to be consolidated in the remnant floors as its executives termed it as dynamic, open and modern workplace that is suited for the moment. On the other hand, alt-media is rapidly growing. The NYT publisher and CEO Thompson will lose their posh offices.

The NYT has not yet confirmed whether the office downsizing will result in laying off and firing of staffs. However, the paper announced that in the long run, the changes will impact all employees. The paper also announced that 400 employees will be relocated out of the Times building to nearby office space as the remodeling takes place.

This move reinforces a report issued in June by the paper in which it reported that its advertising revenues had declined. Everyone ought to turn to unfiltered and uncensored alt-media.

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