By: Savannah Smith | 10-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: CEN

“Mob Justice” Administered to Suspected Pedophile

A pensioner accused of sex assault against a six-year-old kid has bee handed what police describe as “mob justice attack”. The police earlier could not press charges against the suspect for lack of evidence.

The 62-year-old suspected pedophile was gunned down in broad daylight in Porto Alegre in Brazil. His identity has not yet been released by the authorities.

The man was previously accused of inappropriately touching a young girl while at a supermarket. An alleged CCTV caught the man touching the little girl while her mother was distracted with her shopping. The mother screamed for help to stop the attacker, and other shoppers sprung in to grab the man and prevent him from leaving the shop.

Police were immediately alerted after the incident, and the authorities took the man into custody.

He was originally charged with sex abuse of a minor but just days after the prosecution said the evidence was not “clear enough” and that the charges were dropped.

The man was released just hours after but he was later gunned down in the street.

The girl’s mother said her child has been left traumatized by the incident. She added that the little girl is so scared to even go out, and cries easily whenever anyone touches her. The mom said the child will need psychological treatment.

There’s no information yet as to who could have shot the suspected pedophile in the “mob justice” attack.


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