By: Earnest Jones | 12-31-2016 | News
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Russia Responds To The Sanctions Imposed By Obama To Hurt Trump

It’s unfortunate that the outgoing president Barack Obama is all over the place making midnight policies and legislations owing to the fact that his days in office are numbered. Despite the awful track record, Obama is busy proposing sanctions on Russia. Obama has failed terribly since he doesn’t involve President-elect Donald Trump in discussing the last-minute changes that he’s making. To make matters worse, he’s failed to involve president-elect Donald Trump in discussing the sanctions. This comes from his selfish approach to handling the critical issues, after all he knows that he won’t have to deal with the consequences, Trump will. The gap between Obama and the President-elect is so wide that they can barely agree on anything.

The democrats and Obama have formulated the Russian hacking narrative with which they console themselves after the awful loss in the just concluded election. They believe that Russia won the election for President-elect Trump and as a result they are bitter towards Russia. This has created strife and public humiliation on the Kremlin.

This unfortunate sanctions that Obama has imposed have started a strife that Trump will have to deal with. In a statement made by President Putin’s spokesman, Moscow regrets the sanctions that were imposed on Thursday and it’s considering retaliating.

President Vladimir’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that Obama’s move was aggressive foreign policy and unpredictable. Adding that such steps that the Obama’s administration which has three weeks left in office is taking them with the sole intent of destroying the Russian-American ties, which are at a very low point. Peskov also pointed out that Obama intends to deal a blow on Trump’s foreign policy plans. Peskov made it clear that President Putin was coming up with a method to retaliate on Obama’s move. The head of Kremlin’s upper house’s international affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachev also pointed out that Russia needs to take into consideration the circumstances of the new administration's transition period and the reaction from the President-elect Trump.

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