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Congress Wants Answers to Why US Govt Covertly Sprayed American Cities with Radiological Weapons

There has been a shocking report only confirming decades of accusations that the United States indeed tested radiation on it's own citizens during the Cold War to further benefit scientific research.

Civilians for nearly 75 years have long since reported that such testing occurred; with patients saying they've suffered severely due to such nuclear and radiation testing but the United States had always denied any allegations.

A new book, <i>”Behind the Fog: How the U.S. Cold War Radiological Weapons Program Exposed Innocent Americans”</i>, author Lisa Martino-Taylor discusses that the United States not only tested Radiological Warfare on American citizens but that St. Louis, and Corpus Christi both with the belief that it would be a humane form of warfare, contaminating the population instead of causing immediate death.

Such was the tone of discussion during the years leading up to and after the Manhattan Project, that both Radiological and Radioactive testing involving the United States Military and top research teams from the most prestigious Universities in America were in collaboration to develop counter-science in the event of a major global conflict against the Soviet Union.

The United States Government has long since admitted it indeed sprayed what it refereed to as <i>harmless</i> zinc cadmium sulfide particles above the residents of St. Louis, Missouri; Lisa Martino-Taylor now alleges that there was also a radioactive compound added into the mixture which may have had catastrophic and long term health effects on those who lived in the area.

This was intentional, alleges the Martino-Taylor, so that scientists and researchers could further understand the implications of their perceived findings as well as monitor the long term effects.

As a Sociologist Professor at St. Louis Community College, Martino-Taylor has spent years tracking down declassified documents to uncover the lengths which the US experimented on it's own people without their knowing it was occurring, and has even been able to accumulate photographic evidence of some of the ultra-secretive tests.

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“The study was secretive for reason. They didn't have volunteers stepping up and saying yeah, I'll breathe zinc cadmium sulfide with radioactive particles, “ said Martino-Taylor.

According <a href="">to her research (warning this is a 40mb pdf)</a>, the testing at the time was so classified that even politicians weren't made aware that it was occurring, something that has several Congressman absolutely furious.

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Democrats William Lacy Clay of Missouri, Brad Sherman of California and Jim Cooper of Tennessee are all now demanding that the United States Government provide them with answers, and evidence of what actually happened.

Cooper's office plans to seek further information from the Army Legislative Liaison, said spokesman Chris Carroll.

"We are asking for details on the Pentagon's role, along with any cooperation by research institutions and other organizations," Carroll said. "These revelations are shocking, disturbing and painful."

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Martino-Taylor however acquired much of the proof already, in using Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the previously unreleased documents, including several Army records.

She said that she has also reviewed already public records and published articles which were available, to compile the conclusion of her work.

She told The Associated Press that she found that an incredibly tiny group of researchers, who were aided by leading academic institutions, worked together in order to develop radiological weapons and later "combination weapons" using radioactive materials along with chemical or biological weapons.

Back in 2012, Martino-Taylor authored research solely on St. Louis, which then in turn forced the United States Army to admit they had indeed used zinc cadmium sulfide in a poor area of St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s, which sparked an internal investigation that concluded <i>no major health risks were posed as a result of the testing</i>, something that is believed to be a massive cover-up.

"They targeted the most vulnerable in society in most cases," Martino-Taylor said. "They targeted children. They targeted pregnant women in Nashville. People who were ill in hospitals. They targeted wards of the state. And they targeted minority populations."

Some of the research inside of Nashville in the late 1940s involved giving 820 poor and pregnant white women a mixture during their first prenatal visit that included radioactive iron, Martino-Taylor said. The women were chosen without their knowledge. Blood tests were performed to determine how much radioactive iron had been absorbed by the mother, and the baby's' blood was tested at birth. Similar tests were performed in Chicago and San Francisco, Martino-Taylor said.

This apparently was a national operation, at which no American in the Civilian Class has ever been made aware of, an atrocity that strongly suggests the United States has committed crimes against it's citizens on a scale that the United States has accused dictatorships of doing as a reason for war.

Of course we can't be naive to assume the United States built such extraordinary weapons without research and development and live testing, but it's very unlikely Americans know that it was used on us.

Many parts of California were also targeted for the testing, according to her research; and that has Brad Sherman fuming as well.

The alleged testing created a strong radiation field inside of a building at North Hollywood High School during a weekend in the fall of 1961, Martino-Taylor said.

Similar testing was performed at the University of California, Los Angeles and at a Los Angeles Police Department building.

Sherman now demands that residents who graduated from the school and lived in the surrounding areas be surveyed if not subjected to medical screening to ascertain what if any health defects could have occurred as a result of the United States atrocities against citizens.

"What an incredibly stupid, reckless thing to do," said Sherman, whose district includes North Hollywood High School.

While there is no direct correlation officially between Cancer and such radiation; many scientists have long stated that is also part of the cover-up to prevent liability in part for the United States Government.

A woman who lived in the area during the testing, 73 year old Mary Helen Brindell says that her as well as her family members suffered as a result of this testing, which she until now wasn't sure of the origins.

She tells a story where she was playing baseball in a St. Louis street in the mid-1950s when a squadron of green planes roared overhead so close to the ground that she says could see the face of the leading pilot.

Suddenly, the children were covered in a fine powdery substance that stuck to their skin, and due to the body's summer sweat, became moist.

She has since had breast, thyroid, skin, and uterine cancers. Her sister died of a rare form of esophageal cancer.

"I just want an explanation from the government," Brindell said. "Why would you do that to people?"

In her book, Martino-Taylor says that other testing inside of Chicago, Illinois; Berkeley, California; Rochester, New York; and Oak Ridge, Tennessee all involved Government scientists injecting people with plutonium-239.

She said that her book shines a light on the team of extraordinarily young scientists who were tasked with developing the radiological weapons.

They worked in a shadow-world behind the scenes with virtually no input from anyone "who could say, 'This isn't right,' or put some sort of moral compass on it," she said.

The United States of America actually used Americans as their guinea pigs, and this secret has long-since been buried by the burden of science and covert-operations.

It has many wondering if this occurred as far back as the 40s and 50s; why would they have ever stopped? Are they still doing this?

The answer will remain unknown, but the government actually used chemical and biological as well as radiological weapons on those who finance it, something that should greatly concern every American from coast-to-coast.


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File does not Download just counts down sec.

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Found a working pointer at :

Anonymous No. 9033 2017-10-02 : 14:18

Low dose radiation can be significantly beneficial to your health, depending on the type of radiation and the dose rate. Google "radiation hormesis"

Anonymous No. 9039 2017-10-02 : 15:42

Remember 50-60+ years ago No one knew the long term effects of RAD's.

A 100 RAD Dose considered safe until the 60's, it was dropped to 1.5rad.

Back then above ground testing was cool. My wife at Dugway in the early 1950's, as a child, watched chem and nuke from her grade school DOD playground . Heck remember as kids we had shoe stores using Radioactive Fluoroscopes until the 1970s to fit shoes.

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