By: Earnest Jones | 12-31-2016 | News
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Over 300k Abortions In The U.S. Each Year As Planned Parenthood Abortions Increase

The 1973 ruling by the Supreme court boosted the depopulation agenda after it ruled that a woman’s constitutional right to privacy was inclusive of physician supported medical decisions to terminate her pregnancy. The Supreme Court ruling was a step up from the pill based method used in birth control. The reported that the term birth control was coined by Margaret Sanger in the period between 1914-1921, this was the same period that she formed the precursor to Planned Parenthood which was the American Birth Control League.

The court ruling saw a shift in the workforce after loads of Rockefeller money was channeled to involve women in the work force. The consequences of this decision have been felt and the key missions that were accomplished included the increase in tax base, the state could raise the latch key children, and the nuclear family was put on the skids.

This trend has resulted in the abortion of up-to sixty million infants since then. Today’s feminists who are socially engineered appear to have no idea that they have reframed infanticide turning it into a self-righteous sound bite branded as my body my right.

As reported by, it’s worth noting that abortion is the big money maker and death’s blood of Planned Parenthood services despite the deceptive misinformation concerning the services they offer to women such as HPV treatments, Prenatal care, mammograms and PAP smear.

In the past five years, the breast cancer screenings have significantly been reduced by 51.3%, this includes mammograms. The PAP exams are known as the best diagnostic tool for cervical cancer examination, they’ve also been reduced by 64.7% in all Planned Parenthood centers. The same trend has been observed with the HPV treatments which have reduced by 37%. Prenatal care has also reduced by 44%, this is because of the obvious reasons that women are heading to this centers to abort and hence they don’t need prenatal care.

As this figures reduce, some outrageous trend has been discovered in relation to the Planned Parenthood, this are the salary of Cecile Richardson who is the Planned Parenthood president. Her salary increased from $420,154 in 2010 to $957,952 in 2014. The number of abortions conducted by Planned Parenthood has greatly increased from 289,750 in 2006 to 323,999 in 2014. The 12% increase is just outrageous.

This organization is making loads of money by killing innocent infants, as reported by, the average abortion cost is $762.50, if multiplied by 323,999, the organization makes a revenue of $247,049,237.50. This equates to 80% of the health services that the organization offers.

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