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British Woman Turns Surgically Removed Vagina Flesh into Jewelry

As if I have to ask what's wrong with the UK at this point, it appears the cultural Marxist indoctrination of the public and women, in particular, have achieved levels of feminist insanity that Americans couldn't possibly even imagine.

Tracy Kiss, a British Blogger said that she had painful excess vaginal flesh that was causing her great suffering.

“I visited my doctor with pain from training at the gym which felt a burning sensation down below,” Kiss said. “It turned out to be a cyst caused by friction because of my protruding labia and he advised I have it surgically removed.”

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Sure, that's something many women apparently suffer from m, being born with genetic or biological defects that cause pain and suffering.

However, it's a completely obliterated mentality, without logic or decency that would then wish to not only have such an operation performed but to keep the excess rotting flesh as some sort of token or memento.

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After the Labiaplasty procedure, however, Tracy Kiss decided to do just that, and take it a step further by wearing the skin as a flesh ornamental charm on a necklace.

Tracy Kiss explained how she kept the vagina flesh inside of a glass jar for several months, watching it ferment and harden.

She said she would sprinkle glitter on it every day, to give it <i>bling</i> for that extra star-studded shine.

Finally, she brushed a crystal clear resin coating over her dried and hardened vagina flesh, to give it the lacquer appeal which made it shine and shimmer.

Of course, the final step to her charm design made out of rotten vagina flesh was indeed to poke a hole in it, so she could wear it around on her neck.

Sec I have to vomit…

Okay, yeah so this nutjob feminist British Blogger walks around with vagina skin hanging from her neck. Seriously.

She then posted the step-by-step tutorial on YouTube, in case other Marxist indoctrinated feminists would like to follow suit.

It's the belief of Tracy Kiss that this will become a new fashion trend, wearing rotted vaginal meat on your body.

Seems legit (it doesn't).


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Anonymous No. 9007 2017-10-02 : 02:25

So should I be disgusted or aroused by this?

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Anonymous No. 9014 2017-10-02 : 04:43

Wtf Britain

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