By: Kyle James | 10-01-2017 | News
Photo credit: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

Real Or Fake? Police Impersonator Caught On Video Identified as Off-Duty Officer

A man was pulled over by a silver Chevrolet Equinox with a single blue light, weary of the situation, he begins filming with his phone when a man approaches his vehicle with his hand on a holstered pistol. During the exchange, the man appearing to act as a police officer says "Hey there," as he approaches the witnesses car. The driver then asks, "Were you purposely trying to hit me?"

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It is revealed in the video that the man in the silver Chevrolet Equinox claimed to be a police officer though he did not reveal his name or show any identification beyond a small badge on his belt. During the exchange, it becomes apparent the supposed officer had run a stop sign and nearly struck the witnesses vehicle. They argue for several moments over the off-duty officers erratic driving before he eventually backs off saying, "Have a good day sir, I just wanted to make sure you saw me. Have a good day sir."

The witness replies, "Yeah, you ran a red light." The off-duty officer says "It was a stop sign sir," as he gets back in his silver vehicle. The witness shouts one last rebuttal "It was not your time to go," and calls the man a "jackass". Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has identified the supposed off-duty officer and confirmed he is indeed a certified police officer. Since he only had his badge and no other credentials on him he left.

The incident comes in the wake of a series of officer impersonations in the area prompting a warning from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office that blue lights may not be the authorities. They further warned the public that any law enforcement officer will always advise of the agency they belong to and have the proper credentials on them regardless of whether it is a marked or unmarked car.

If you have information about a police impersonator, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office advises you to report it to Cherokee County dispatch at 678-493-4080.

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