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#Breaking: Saturday Night Live SUSPENDS Michael Che for Anti-White Racism towards Trump

It seems degenerate Hollywood, television and film continue to portray Whites as evil and vile and have no restraint whilst attacking white people.

However if you dare speak ill of a Black your career is essentially over and you're blacklisted from being hiring ever again.

Michael Che, longtime Saturday Night Live cast member last night went on an Anti-White tirade against the President of the United States of America, and people were absolutely furious.

In fact Michael Che Calls himself a <i>comedian</i>, which only underscores the reasons why Saturday Night Live isn't funny to begin with.

During his hate-filled Anti-White tirade against the President of the United States of America, Michael Che also made Anti-White racist remarks.

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First Che said, “Oh really, Donald? You bitch.Was she nasty to you? How nasty? Are you shaking? Do you want to smoke a Virginia Slim until your hand stops moving?”

This was insinuating older Whites are cigarette smoking bigots, first and foremost and it's a stereotype no different than saying Blacks eat chicken and watermelon. If you're offended by one then you should be offended by both.

Che went on to say, “This isn’t a complicated issue, man, it’s hurricane relief, You just did this very same thing for white people, twice. So, tell Melania to put on her flood heels, get some bottled water, some food, pack up some extra Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl T-shirts and write them a check with our money, you cheap cracker!”

Now it appears after his hateful remarks, those of which liberals applauded (no surprise that Democrats, who founded the KKK would applaud racism) all across social media, Michael Che has been suspended.

This is a massive victory for equality and White civil rights.

Still nonetheless, Fuck NBC and fuck the mainstream television companies who support this disdain for Americans.


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4 Comment/s
A Moderate White Man No. 8991 2017-10-01 : 20:45

Who the fukkk is Michael Che?

Anonymous No. 8992 2017-10-01 : 20:57


Some unfunny POS

Anonymous No. 9326 2017-10-08 : 10:56

This isn’t a complicated issue, man, it’s hurricane relief

Anonymous No. 9375 2017-10-09 : 12:52

We have a large number of Family PR.

They seriously ticked off at the San Juan Mayor and the dock/driver unions for playing politics with disaster aid. She is history next election.

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