By Sanya Carter  |  12-30-2016   News

In what appears to be a fictional tale that’s nearly intolerable, the U.S. police department has set out to attest to the adage that says play a sucker to catch one. However, a U.S. police department has taken it to the next level by announcing that it will get into the illicit drug trade with the aim of catching illicit drug users.

This is contrary to the motto to serve and protect that we expect the police to be working by. This make-work program violates all manner of ethics. The war on drugs has been a critical issue that is in every one’s mind. However, Albuquerque, NM Police Department’s move to manufacture crack cocaine to catch drug dealers is just an indication of the wrong approach that the police Department is using.

The unfortunate thing about the plan is that it seeks to pursue low-level drug users, this was reported by the Burgue Media which reported that some reliable source pointed out that the police department planned to engage in a reverse buy-bust operation to pursue the average drug user. This raises the red flag since the police department has no intentions of solving the drug menace, all it intends to do is to create a cycle where it can benefit from the average users. Its obvious that for the drug menace to be put to an end, the drug lords should first be eliminated. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the Albuquerque, NM Police Department’s.

The covert operation involves undercover cops selling drugs to citizens and thereafter arresting them for being in possession of the same drugs that the police Department supplied them with. As if that’s not enough, the department will be involved in making the drugs.

This is terribly wrong, it begs the question as to why a police department has to manufacture drug crimes despite the very rampant drug crimes that are already there. The only solid conclusion as to why the police department is manufacturing drug crimes is because the city council in Albuquerque presented the police department with an opportunity to make wealth.

The Affidavit and Motion to Release Evidence in Section 10 of the 12-section that is dated February of this year states that powdered cocaine may be taken to APD’s Criminalistics Unit to be made to crack cocaine.

As if that’s not enough, the malicious plan calls for the release of up to 8 ounces of cocaine base as well as up to 8 ounces of heroin and methamphetamine which is all meant to be used in the covert operation against average users.

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