By: Steve Dellar | 10-01-2017 | News
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General Kelly Tries To Block Kushner Seeing Trump

We will be the first to admit that ever since General John Kelly took on the role of White House Chief of Staff, things have certainly started to look better for the current Presidential Administration.

Mr. Kelly has stopped the leaking in the West Wing that was very casual under the management of Mr. Preibus and the language used by Mr. Scaramucci <i>though we must admit that last one made for some entertaining press<i/>.

Furthermore, the press has learned that people now have equal access to the President and that the favoritism role some of his inner circle enjoyed has stopped, as one of the prerogatives Mr. Kelly laid out for accepting the job was he, and no one else, would be deciding President Trump’s agenda.

All that is of course very well, unless you are one of the people who used to enjoy that special status.

This is the case for Mr. Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, who until Mr. Kelly’s arrival was internally seen as the person who always was able to get the last word in with the President, especially so when it came to matters that affected Mr. Trump personally.

But Mr. Kushner has made it clear via back channels that he is not happy with his now stunted status in the White House. Before, he <i>as well as his wife Ivanka <i/> was able to walk in and out of the oval office as he pleased, but the lock on that door is now in Mr. Kelly’s hands sort of speak.

Press sources say this is because of what happened during Mr. Kelly’s brief tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security. At that time, General John Kelly told congressional lawmakers that he would be seeking a very hard line on immigration and DACA, but was surprised to hear that his words didn’t have a great effect on them as Mr. Kushner had been back-channelling together with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to offer a potential deal to Democrats to protect Dreamers from Deportation. Kelly was furious.

A few months later, President Trump asked him to become White House Chief of Staff.


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