By: Lawrence Synder | 12-29-2016 | News
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Democrats Scaremongering on Trump’s ‘Unlimited’ War Powers

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Even before President-elect Donald Trump steps into office, Democrats are already spreading fear of what he might do with the war powers that will be granted to him by Congress. Even as early as now, certain liberal lawmakers are already calling for updated war resolutions in an attempt to limit what Trump can do in his incoming administration’s fight against global terrorism.

The concerns by Democrats, which seem to be fueled by their paranoia, stems from the fact that during Barack Obama’s second term, Congress tried to pass an authorization indicating that the country’s actions against the Islamic State should still be within legal bounds.

But, as noted by Politico, since this authorization failed to pass, Trump will then have unlimited war powers during his term. In an attempt to limit this, the Democrats are looking to pass new war resolutions in preparation for Trump’s presidency.

Apparently, the Democratic lawmakers are trying to ramp up support for a new resolution by scaring the public of what Trump might do as he wages war against terrorism. Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee even claimed that Trump may even extend the war on other countries and utilize unconventional methods such as waterboarding and the killing of families of known terrorists.

“You could easily see him wanting to ramp up the war on terror and take it to new parts of the globe,” he said. “There are few limits on what he can do.”

However, what Democrats fail to see is that their notion about Trump’s war is just based on their own speculations and personal views on the president-elect. None of these have happened yet and there’s currently no way of telling how Trump will handle the U.S.’ military efforts in the war against terrorism.

Also, as noted by Republican Representative Bob Corker of the Senate Foreign Relations, creating a new war resolution is not the top priority of Congress right now as there are other pressing matters that the government has to attend to.

“They’ve got other fish to fry,” he said. “I believe that the AUMMF we have right now gives the president the legal basis to do what’s being done against Al Qaeda and ISIS and others.”

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