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National Human Trafficking Hotline Reports over 100 Victims in Alabama in 2017

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline there have been over 100 victims that have called their agency and an additional 37 confirmed cases involving children which were rescued inside of the state of Alabama in 2017 alone.

Many people have no idea just how serious the Human Trafficking issue is, and often don't understand some of the problems that occur because of Human Trafficking.

In many of these cases, children are baited in social media platforms by would-be kidnappers who gain the child's trust, often times by pretending to be someone else, and then later get the child to meet with them in person.

That's when the Human Traffickers strike; they've acquired the trust of your children to meet them and they then kidnap and literally enslave the child.

Many of these cases turn to forced prostitution for the Trafficker’s benefit, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

“Human trafficking is very real. It's happening in every community across the country," said Rachel Irby, Executive Director of Unchained Movement.

Even more so often after kidnapping a child, or even an adult victim, the Traffickers will force them to become addicted to narcotics, providing them with what they need as long as they'll continue to submit to prostitution or criminal activity for the Human Trafficking circuit.

As surreal as it sounds, this is happening all across America and surprisingly enough is happening right here in Alabama; where most Alabama citizens have no idea this is occurring.

According to Irby most of the victims of Human Trafficking go unnoticed and are often shielded due to them being charged with drug abuse or prostitution crimes, that to the naked eye just make these women look like criminals.

In reality, many of these people are actually chained to the organization of Human Trafficking.

“Trafficking is something where an individual is forced to perform numerous sexual acts and it benefits another individual. So usually that person is not benefiting personally from the financial gain or whatever for the sex act. The money normally goes to someone else," explained Irby.

There have been major strides under the Trump Administration's new policy, led by Ivanka Trump, to help combat these issues that stray from the public’s view; mainly because the media doesn't focus on this happening.

In fact, stop for a second and ask yourself when the last time you heard any news affiliate mention human trafficking? Chances are you cannot recall a case.

That's a major problem, and what the public doesn't know to look for, simply stays a secret.

<a href="">The Polaris Report</a> states that in 2016, an estimated 1 out of 6 endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely child sex trafficking victims.

Of those victims, 86% were in the care of social services or foster care when they ran away from home, and many were simply kidnapped reported as runaways.

There is no official estimate of the total number of Human Trafficking victims in the United States because so many are unreported.

Polaris estimates that the total number of victims nationally reaches into the hundreds of thousands when estimates of both adults and minors and Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking are aggregated.

<a href="">The National Human Trafficking Hotline</a> says that so far in 2017, 4,460 cases of Human Trafficking have been reported nationwide.

That's a scary thought, and something folks should become more aware of.

Rachel Irby also underscored this point, with a message to parents saying, “It's important that parents don't get in the mindset that this could never happen to their child. This is an issue that is affecting children from all walks of life. And now because of the internet, they have access to our children like no other time in history.”

Be aware of what your children are doing on the internet, who they're talking to, and who they are meeting.

Life is too precious to risk allowing your children to become a slave to Human Traffickers.


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