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A man in Las Vegas, Nevada has been arrested for running a fake marijuana dispensary with very real pot. Clayton "Raz" Bernard was running the dispensary called Elevate Medical Pharmacy but had no license to do so.

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Narcotics detectives from Clark County went to 2951 Westwood Drive, near Desert Inn Road and Interstate 15 on September 19 and found marijuana edibles, jars of marijuana in a glass display case and dry erase boards with prices and cash registers set up. The arrest report revealed that Bernard told police he was trying to start his own country and had paid the Department of Taxation $6,500 to do just that. Bernard is not an American citizen and also claimed that he was a federal agent from his own government. He also tried to get out his sticky situation by claiming he was only there to pick up his mail.

Test results revealed Bernard had marijuana in his system, he was arrested and booked for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Bernard was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

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