By: Diana Printz | 12-29-2016 | News

Russia Plans to Arm Anti- Aircraft Missiles in Syria: Hostile Act

Russia has called out the US for the controversial provision that was slipped into the 2017 NDAA giving the US an opportunity to arm Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles. Russia has described this move as a hostile act since it will empower rebel to shoot Russian jets. Russia has been assisting the Syrian Arab Army in battling various terror groups after President Bashar Al-Assad invitation. Russia has denounced the provision that slipped into the massive $618.7 billion defense spending bill. Unfortunately, the bill is now law following Obama’s signature. AlterNet reported that the bill was passed in a rather unconventional manner.

A statement made by a congressional staffer who is familiar with the controversial legislation said that the new provision is buried in the conference report that accompanies the 2017 NDAA bill, which is constituted in a massive 3,067-page document.

Despite the deceptive terms that the US has used to describe the anti-Syrian government forces, they are terrorist groups that have been accused of committing vicious acts against the Syrian civilians. However, Syria and Russia have been actively bombing terrorists with little to no concern on their categorization, this has greatly dismayed the US whose main goal is to topple the Assad regime by using ant-government terror groups.

The US backed rebels and the ISIS were recently defeated by Russia and Syria and the city of Aleppo got liberated. It’s worth noting that the US backed rebels did not have anti-aircraft missiles when the liberation of Aleppo took place. If the new defense budget bill had been passed, it could have made it hard for Syria and Russia to liberate Aleppo. Since the war in Syria is still ongoing, Russia is aware of the consequences of the crafty statement that will facilitate weaponization of the US-backed terrorist.

In a statement made by Maria Zakharova who is the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, she pointed out that Moscow regards the policy change that will ease restrictions on weapons supplies as set out in a new U.S. defense spending bill as a hostile act. Zakharova also pointed out that Washington’s move is placing bets on supplying military aid to anti-government forces who are no different from the blood thirsty ISIS. Adding that the Obama administration must understand that such dangerous weapons could easily end up in the hands of the Jihadist.

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