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Trump to Ease International Weapons Sales Restrictions, creating Many, Many Jobs Folks

President Trump is now planning to ease back Federal Restrictions on the sale of United States weapons internationally, a move with could create an endless bolster in jobs growth for Americans.

Those United States weapons sales overseas would have a huge impact on the already soaring economy which has seen substantial growth under the Trump Administration's presence.

The changes would then have the Pentagon and United States States Department advocate for the sale of American-Made weapons to our allies and trading partners would place both federal agencies in a new role of backing up American manufacturers, which they should already be doing, in order to ascertain a sustainable growth solution for that industry.

Of course there are those who have criticized the move suggesting that such a sale of high tech weaponry would only inflame tensions in the Middle East, but anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that the desert people are already killing each other with whatever they can get their hands on.

There's a major market for such increased sales around the globe and many of America's allies could rely upon those advantaged weapons to defeat insurgents and terror cells internationally.

The new plan, called the “Arms Transfer Initiative” is being promoted by President Trump's National Security Council, which insists that such a move would not only help quell the storm of those who would do America and our allies harm but also secure America with a stronger economy.

If not buying from the United States, those nations will shop elsewhere including our Russian counterparts who are more than willing to supply the chain of demand for fighter jets, ground vehicles, warships, missile defense systems, and a variety of military and tactical equipment meant for both urban and globalized warfare.

State Department officials told <a href="">Politico,</a> "It is about making sure we are doing everything we can to promote the competitiveness of American trade. The message from the NSC is we can certainly be doing more."

Under the failed Obama Administration, the foreign policy was to restrict the United States Military and American arms-makers as much as possible; while the rest of the world competed in the global economy for the same sales America was prohibited from making.

It's a major reason why Barack Obama was such an incompetent foreign policy President, because he simply couldn't understand why the United States must compete globally, costing Americans millions of jobs and the economy potentially trillions of dollars.

Comparisons between arms sales and growth of the fiscal year 2017 so far over Obama's same time in 2016 from the <a href="">Security Assistance Monitors</a> shows the value of United States arms sales to international parties has nearly doubled that of the Obama Administration to $48 Billion, which is up an estimated $23 Billion from the same time last year.

Those figures are specifically designed to display sales between American manufacturers and their foreign customers, a practice which is known in the industry as <i>”direct commercial sales”</i>.

Director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, William Hartung said, "Do they want to move from a position to where U.S. companies dominate the world market, to where they are crushing the competition?"

The United States of America has long since been the world's leader in international arms sales, however this would absolutely destroy any foreign competition in being likely the sole provider since American made weapons are undoubtedly the best performing on the entire planet and can be offered in bulk at a reasonable price that both is fair to manufacturers at home and to buyers internationally.

The State Department currently has a <a href="">Conventional Arms Transfer Policy</a> (CAT) on which would need to be replaced, one of the key goals of the Trump Administration's upcoming plans.

There is also the strict <a href="">International Traffic In Arms Regulations</a> (TAIR) which President Trump and his National Security Council are currently revising to make such a change.

Both of those changes can be made easily and quickly in order to bolster American manufacturers output of products to supply international customers, which would almost immediately thereafter create an influx of new jobs to benefit America and it's citizens.

At a recent Aerospace Industries Association in Washington, DC Acting Assistant Secretary of State who runs the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Tina S. Kaidanow gave her praises for the move.

"We are developing this initiative because the Administration believes that strengthening the defense capabilities of U.S. allies bolsters our ability to protect the United States by being a force multiplier for the U.S. warfighter, and ultimately benefits U.S. industry by driving new innovation and creating high-quality American jobs," said Kaidanow.

The National Security Council of course echoed those remarks, saying, "President Trump knows that success of our companies in the global marketplace means job creation at home and better economic benefits overall for the United States," the NSC said.

"While some policy changes are likely forthcoming, it is important to remember that there are reasons for limiting the sales of certain types of systems to certain potential customers. We need to make sure that these systems are sold to and operated by those who are able to use them properly and for legitimate purposes, such as counterterrorism, and are not used to deliver weapons of mass destruction or otherwise undermine our interests."

There is zero doubt that these changes are great for the average American who will see a new hiring spree in a nearly unstoppable weapons industry, including both manufacturing and high-tech careers that will be increased with these changes.

President Trump is Making America Great Again, one way or another.

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If only he would ease laws in these lands.

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