By: Lawrence Synder | 12-29-2016 | News
Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

Kerry’s Shadow Government Continues to Operate with Anti-Israel Sentiment

With his remaining days in office, Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been identified by the FBI as a key member of the Shadow Government, continues to push the interests of his elite clandestine group by slamming Israel during his speech regarding the United Nations Security Council’s resolution.

In a statement, Kerry accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being anti-peace by continuing to push for a settlement policy for the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Banks.

Kerry also defended the White House’s decision not to veto the resolution, which would then allow the United Nations Security Council to condemn these settlements and consider them as illegal. As noted by Kerry in his speech, Israel’s settlement policy continues to threaten the possibility of peace in the Middle East, according to BBC.

The move by Barack Obama’s administration to stand idly by regarding the passing of the resolution came as a huge surprise especially since the U.S. has considered Israel as its most stable ally in the Middle East.

But then again, since Kerry and the other members of the Shadow Government, also known as 7th Floor Group, operate based on their own interests, the move not to veto the resolution could be just another way to enforce their political will, even if it goes against the common good.

This was clearly highlighted in October after the Shadow Government was able to protect its member Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted properly due to her email scandal, according to Anti Media.

Likewise, through the issue with Israel, Kerry and other members of the 7th Floor Group were able to create grave problems for Donald Trump’s incoming administration. By breaking international ties between the U.S. and Israel, the Shadow Group has created huge foreign policy issues that Trump’s government will certainly have a hard time handling.

Although Trump can still veto future resolutions that could extend the United Nations Security Council’s policy, the damage in the alliance between Israel and U.S. has already been done.

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