By: Steve Dellar | 09-29-2017 | News
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Mothers Plead with Suspected French Kidnapper of 9-year Old

In the beginning of the month, we here at The Goldwater informed you of a troubling disappearance in France. A 9 year old girl went missing during a wedding party in the French Alps, and police and locals searched frantically for the girl for two weeks.

An arrest was made and DNA of the girl found on the dashboard of the presumed kidnapper’s car.

Three weeks have passed. The girl is still missing, the kidnapper still arrested. He refuses to talk.

Today the parents of the girl made a desperate plea during a press conference with the presumed kidnapper. Together with them was the mother of the kidnapper.

The presumed kidnapper, Mr Nordahl Lelandais, is in solitary confinement in a French prison.

His mother, Ms Christiane Lelandais, spoke after the parents of missing 9-year old Maëlys de Araujo: "Once I can go and visit my son in prison, I'll speak to him and say: 'If you saw something you must talk about it."

Mr Nordahl Lelandais, 34 years old, is a former soldier who lives with his parents a few kilometers from Pont-de-Beauvoisin.

He was charged with kidnapping the girl but has denied so far. His lawyer did admit that Maëlys was in Mr Lelandais’ car on the night she disappeared, according to him because she wanted to play with his dogs.

Police have obtained camera footage from a nearby service station which filmed him cleaning the car for more than two hours the next day. He maintains that he cleaned the car thoroughly because he wanted to sell it.

Maëlys' mother Jennifer stated that the prosecutor had so far made "serious and consistent allegations" about Mr Lelandais: "His behavior since the start of the inquiry does not convince us that he is being honest, nor that he is willing to participate seriously in the investigation."

She added that Mr Lelandais "could have important information that could help us find our daughter again".


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Anonymous No. 8890 2017-09-29 : 17:45

If he killed her he won't say anything. He'll take the secret with him to the grave.

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