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Franklin, Ohio to Reinstall the Removed Confederate Monument After Backlash

Residents in the small town of Franklin, Ohio in Warren County respect America, tradition, and culture.

A huge part of America's tradition and culture is based upon its history, and although Ohio was a Union State in the Civil War many relatives of Ohioans fought for the Confederacy, a common occurrence of those in the Midwest.

That's why when the <a href="">Robert E. Lee monument was torn down back in mid August</a>, locals were absolutely furious with the city who committed the atrocious acts in the cover of darkness.

Officials from the City Council ordered the memorial to Robert E. Lee, the brave Confederate General who served during the Civil War, in the middle of the night.

Millions of Americans on both sides lost their ancestors in America's bloodiest battles, right on our own soil.

Ohio, as all states of the Union agreed to honor all Veterans of both the Confederacy and the Union troops equally as American Veterans after the war.

That monument has sat at the intersection of Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Road since 1927, hence the name “Dixie” Highway to pay respects to the Southern Line and many in Ohio who were divided as some relatives fought and died on both sides.

A group of locals gathered at that time and said their show of support had nothing to do with race and everything to do with history which they feel is trying to be erased by marxist oppressors.

When Generals Grant and Lee sat down at Appomattox Court House, they brought an end to the struggle that had consumed the nation for five, long years of death and destruction.

That Gentleman's Agreement, as it's commonly referred to by historians suggested that both sides would be remembered forever as Americans.

Ohioans pushed hard against the move from the city, with protests outside the Franklin City Council, boycotting the city of Franklin, and even threats of refusing to pay tax or shop at any local businesses until the city put back the piece of history.

Now it seems the city has changed their minds, and it will be put back in its rightful place to represent and honor those who fought and died in America's bloodiest war.

“The monument is going back,” said Trustees President Brian Morris. “It might not be in the exact same spot. You’re going to get essentially what we all want, but it might not be in the exact same spot.”

Morris said he is looking at several places in the township along Dixie Highway but no site has been selected and more details remain to be worked out.

“We’ll have a re-dedication ceremony,” Morris said. “It’s going to be put back out in public. Rest assured, get the word out, it will be back. ”

A massive victory for history.


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judy No. 8868 2018-08-08 : 16:00

great news hope other cities do the same

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