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Election officials in Georgia are condemning the Obama administration of trying to hack into the state’s electronic balloting machines. This is an occurrence that should agitate every single American. The same administration that was blaming everyone else including Russia for the loss of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Unlike other false flags this cannot go unpunished and it’s worth consideration.

In a report issued by WSBTV in Atlanta, Brian Kemp who is the Georgia Secretary of State, has demanded an explanation from the Department of Homeland Security following the unfortunate incidence, the election officials were in a position to trace nearly a dozen hacking attempts back to the Department of Homeland Security.

The Georgia Secretary of State held an interview with the local news in which he expressed his agitation saying that he was mad as hell over the massive cyberattack on the State’s electronic balloting network, adding that the attacks were traced back to a Department of Homeland Security IP address.

Kemp pointed out that it’s outrageous to think about the Federal Government conducting such activities. Kemp appeared to be very frustrated as he confirmed that attacks of varying levels had been unleashed on his agency’s network over the last 10 months and all of them were traced back to the DHS IP address.

It’s no coincidence that the cyberattacks happened at a time when the Department of Homeland of Security was trying to convince the states that Russian hacking was bound to happen and hence they should seek out help from the Obama administration to aid them in monitoring their electronic balloting. To make matters worse, Georgia was one of the primary states that the DHS approached.

One day after Georgia’s voter registration deadline passed, the first hack was unleashed. Then few days before the SEC primary, the next attack took place. The other attack took place in May a day before the Georgia general primary. As if that wasn’t enough, two more attacks were unleashed in November 7th and 9th before and after the November election.

Kemp told the local news that the incidence makes one wonder if somebody was trying to prove a point adding that the balloting was never breached since his systems firewall held up. Kemp addressed his concern over what laws were violated and who ordered these cyberattack on the electronic balloting system that was operated by the American state.

Kemp is demanding answers as to whether the malicious attacks were unleashed in other states? who ordered the attacks? Why the attacks were conducted without the state being notified? And whether the attacks were authorized? Kemp also pointed out that he had written a letter to DHS Secretary demanding answers to the controversial incidents.

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