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Julian Assange Offering PROOF Russia Narrative is a Lie in Exchange for a Pardon from Trump

Probably the biggest news out of the fall season is that now Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is willing to make a deal to give evidence that the Russian Narrative lies the media continues to push is complete and utter trash in exchange for a pardon.

This is massive folks. For those on the right, it only confirms the longstanding belief that the mainstream media and social media giants are one hundred percent in collusion with not only the Democratic Party but the Cultural Marxists who finance their operations.

However, it seems as if President Trump hasn't been yet made aware of Assange’s offer which also confirms what many pundits have been saying for months, that someone or some people within the Administration are intentionally shielding President Trump from news they don't want him to hear.

Whether or not that's true it has been implied continuously that some of his cabinets have kept him away from using specific news media to make sure he is not allowed to trace outside of the spectrum of information they want to provide him.

I'm not going to speculate too much on that, but this is what many have said for some time. President Trump seemingly confirmed those suspicions on Saturday when the President told reporters that he had <i>”never heard”</i> of those offers from Julian Assange.

Then again, to conclude my speculations the President of the United States of America has indeed been known to be a brilliant Chessmaster.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher, who personally met with Julian Assange, said that, “I think the president’s answer indicates that there is a wall around him that is being created by people who do not want to expose this fraud that there was collusion between our intelligence community and the leaders of the Democratic Party,” in an interview with <a href="">The Daily Caller</a>.

Back in August Rohrabacher headed into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he personally had a sit-down with Julian Assange and apparently the two discussed such an agreement.

Famously Julian Assange has long since held the statements that Russia was in no way involved with either John Podesta’s emails or the DNC Leaks, yet Congress and the puppet mainstream media, who will all know is complete propaganda, continues to push this nonsense that literally nobody believes.

This would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the American people’s throats so incredibly earlier this year,” Rohrabacher said.

The Wall Street Journal has said that Chief Of Staff John Kelly has kept the President on the dark, and told <a href="">Rohrabacher instead to take the information to the intelligence community</a>, which is essentially handing over the proof to the enemy, the Deep State.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Wikileaks Founder Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion is False: <a href=""></a> via <a href="">@YouTube</a></p>&mdash; One America News (@OANN) <a href="">September 27, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Listen, people, you're never going to hear these truths on the mainstream media. That is CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and Yes FOX too.

I know many people on the right watch FOX because of some of their talented pundits like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Jesse Watters; but <i>FOX News is controlled by the same evil globalists</i>, even if they have a few based pundits (who likely have no idea what's going on either).

If the Tennessee shooting in Antioch wasn't proof enough of this, then I'm not sure what else will be to people.

These outlets have an agenda and that agenda is telling you only what they want you to hear.

This news is major if not massively damaging to the globalist agenda and Julian Assange needs to immediately have contact with the Trump Administration's finest in order to make this happen.

The problem is, the swamp is surrounding our beloved President, and it's clearly keeping him out of touch with the people.

Rohrabacher called the collusion narrative "a massive propaganda campaign" and "historic con job" meant to conceal the ideological conspiracy between the intelligence community and the Democrat party.

I'm not sure how we reach our President folks, but we need to and fast.

These are the same individuals who are pushing DACA Amnesty and telling President Trump it's the right the to do when 99.9% of President Trump's base is screaming NO DACA.

Keep in mind these are the same people who told President Trump to endorse Mitch McConnell's puppet Luther Strange, greatly embarrassing the President of the United States of America and forcing him to waste valuable political capital on a losing candidate.

Thankfully, Alabama voters who love President Trump could see through this and hopefully sent him a message.

We must reach our hands deep into the swamp America, through the bog past the crocodiles and the quicksand and over the moat that these disgusting people have placed between us and the President, and let him know the truth.

President Trump is unifying the right and American Patriots in a way never before seen; he's fought hard for us.

Now we must fight hard for him.


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Victor No. 8878 2017-09-29 : 12:28

Trump cannot be contained.

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