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Police in the small town of Warren, Ohio said they have found a 17-year-old boy naked in bed with a wiener dog. The boy admitted to having sex with the wiener dog, again, at his home on Homewood Avenue SE. The police reported the crime to Trumbull County Children Services but the boy already spends half of his time with Children Services and the other half with his family.

Around the same time last year, the then 16-year-old boy was charged with animal cruelty for having sexual contact with the same dog. These crimes occurred before Warren's bestiality law took effect. The boy will now face two misdemeanor counts of bestiality and animal cruelty charges after admitting to the police he had sex with the wiener dog again. I may not be the person to ask about how to handle these things, but I may have suggested taking any contact from animals away from the boy the first time he had sex with the tiny dog. The victimized dog is named Pee Wee and has been examined by a veterinarian for injuries.

Detective Nick Carney said, "The dog is currently with the Animal Welfare League, checking for any injuries because from what the suspect stated, each time he would have sexual intercourse with the dog, it would be for an hour or more." Detective Carney went on about the matter, "My concern with the interview is if he would do this to an animal, what would you do to a small child? So this case is not open and shut. There is some follow-up work I have to do that I can’t really talk about right now."

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