By: Earnest Jones | 12-28-2016 | News
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The Second Black Box From Crashed Tu-154 Recovered From Seabed – Russian MoD

The Russian Defense has reported that the second flight recorder from the crashed Tu-154 plane has been retrieved from the black sea. The Defense Ministry reported that divers had found the main flight data recorder earlier and it was transported to Moscow where it is being decoded.

Maksim Sokolov who is the Russian Transport Minister made a statement on Tuesday saying that the main black box had been transported to the Central Research Institute of the Russian Airforce in Moscow where a group of highly trained specialists had started decoding the data collected during the unfortunate incidence. However, the Tu-154 had three black boxes.

The Russian Ministry of Transport has also reported that 15 bodies have been recovered from the plane crash. The Ministry also pointed out that thirteen of the bodies had been transported to Moscow where forensic examination will be conducted.

The Ministry also emphasized that it had scaled the extensive search and rescue operation and it involved 15 underwater drones, forty-five ships, 12 planes, 192 divers, and 5 helicopters. The Ministry also pointed out that twelve large fragments from the crashed Tu-154 passenger jet had been recovered, a total of 1,574 small fragments had also been found at the Black Sea crash spot.

Shortly after taking off, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Tu-154 plane went down into the Black Sea a few minutes after taking off from the airport in Sochi with 92 people on board. The plane was headed for Latakia in Syria where it was transporting 64 members of the world-famous Alexandrov Ensemble army choir, several media crews, and humanitarian workers who were attending Christmas and New year’s celebrations in Syria.

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