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Toddler in Daycare Center Shoots Two Other Children With a Handgun

Two innocent children have been shot at a home day care center, but the more shocking thing is another child allegedly shot at them. The two victims are in serious but stable condition as a result of the shooting.

Two 3-year-old children in a suburban home where several children are being taken cared of in Dearborn, Michigan were shot at after another toddler managed to “access” a handgun. One was shot in the shoulder, while the other tot suffered an injury to his face.

The toddlers were initially listed as being in critical condition after the shooting , but have since been downgraded to serious. Police said that at least one of the kids is expected to make a full recovery.

Police Chief Ron Haddad said there were several other children at the house when the shooting took place. The homeowner uses the place to babysit the children of friends and family. Representatives for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs told the Detroit News that the house was not actually a licensed child care home.

Authorities are still investigating the incident, and has not made the matter clear yet as to how the the other toddler was able to accessed the handgun unwittingly used for the shooting. Haddad would only say that the incident was “tragic” and “irresponsible.”

Police investigators are still determining with prosecutors whether charges would be filed against the adults who may be accountable for the incident.

Haddad is also concerned about the condition of the toddlers. He said: “We’re going to pray these two young kids are going to be ok. However it shakes out, it’s a tragedy for our entire community.”

The Child Protective Services are involved in the probe. The other children who live in the home have been sent to stay with relatives. The house owner’s sister, Ashley Escobdeo said she didn’t know her sister, Samantha, is keeping guns at home. She said: “My sister totally hates guns. This would be her worst nightmare.”

While shocking, the incident of a child-shooting is sadly not a rare occurrence in the U.S. as studies estimate that more than 1,000 children die from gun-related injuries every year. Nearly 6,000 are also treated in the E.R. for such injuries. According to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, there’s an estimated 1.7 million children all over the country who live in homes with unlocked, loaded guns.


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