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Video: Russian Bomber Crashes

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Russia’s Zapad war games, which were held from 14 to 20 september, have created more than one strange moment it now appears.

Some ten days ago we here at the Goldwater already brought you an astonishing video of a helicopter mistakenly firing at an onlooker during the games. You can find that article here:

Today the Russians have grudgingly admitted more went wrong apparently as a video is currently trending on the internet showing the moment a Russian long range TU-22M3 bomber overshoots the runway and ends up crashing into a nearby forest.

The video shows the giant long jet clearly failing to stop before reaching the end of the tarmac.

Pilots had already aborted takeoff noticing something wrong with the plane but were unable to stop the iron giant.

The incident was apparently filmed on 14 september already, the first day of the Zapad games, but was only released now. As this was the moment President Putin came over for a look, we can definitely understand why the Russian army has tried to stash this footage for a while.

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The four men crew was able to get out of the bomber without harm and the Russian Ministry of Defense has noted that the plane would indeed be flying again after repairs due to ‘serious damage’.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also admitted the plane was carrying a near maximum weight as it failed to take off.

The Russian official statement read: "The cause of the accident was the failure of speed sensors during take-off, resulting in the crew deciding to abort. The crew did not get hurt. The aircraft will continue carrying out assigned tasks after completion of maintenance work."

The Russian Air Force currently has 62 long range TU-22M3 bombers in operation. The NATO call name for the plane is Backfire.


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Anonymous No. 8839 2017-09-28 : 17:36

The tarmac is a CIA agent

Anonymous No. 8873 2017-09-29 : 09:37

Missed it by that much.

Anonymous No. 8893 2017-09-29 : 17:49

Missed it by a lot I'd say

Anonymous No. 8926 2017-09-30 : 09:34

Flame out at 9sec into the video.

Good save, but could use a bigger drag chute.

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