By: Savannah Smith | 09-28-2017 | News
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Four Kids Lived With Mom’s Dead Body For Days, Thinking She Was Asleep

Four young brothers thought they still have their mother with them and was merely sleeping, even though she had not been awake for days. They went about such days doing normal stuff like going to school, eating and changing clothes, unmindful of their “sleeping” mother inside their house who, it turned out, has been dead for days along with her partner in an apparent suicide-overdose case.

The boys, aged between 5 and 13, believed that their mother and her partner were “asleep and cold” and did not even raise alarm with neighbors, relatives or authorities despite a foul smell in the house.

Police were only alerted after one of the children casually mentioned to their landlord who lived next door that his mother has been “asleep “ for days. Local media reported that the landlord then went inside the unit to check and immediately noticed the “strong smell” that permeated the house when the eldest son opened the door.

Police discovered the bodies of the kids ‘ 32-year-old mother, Rocio Aguilar, and her 40-year-old partner, Jose Antonio, inside the house in La Zarza-Perrunal in south-western Spain when they arrived. The officers said it was an apparent case of deliberate drug overdose.

Antonio is retired from the military. Locals also said that the family was living on benefits and that they already suspected the partners to be drug addicts. The family was in dire conditions having moved away to Huelva in the midst of a mining crisis.

One of the hostel’s co-owner, Bella Vazquez said that Aguilar whom she knew from her childhood days, seemed really troubled. She said of the mother: “She was a girl with a very miserable life. It’s a terrible shame. There are four children who will hopefully go on and have a good life.”

Days before the discovery of the dead bodies, the authorities were already alerted by the school after a staff became concerned that one of the children left and was not picked up by the mother. Police officers paid the house a visit but were told by the children that their mother was asleep.

The children have been taken into custody, and the biological father of three of the four kids have been coordinating with the concerned authorities to get custody of his children.


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HarleyRose No. 8838 2017-09-28 : 15:56

Oh come on!

A 13-yr old didn't even notice the smell after a couple days!

At 13 our son already had two years of 'summer job' money saved for college.

We gotta stop stupid people from breeding! Waiting for them to OD is not working!

Anonymous No. 8844 2017-09-28 : 20:53

dude, this latest "Weekend at Bernies" is AWFUL. I didn't laugh once…

Anonymous No. 8851 2017-09-28 : 23:18

Holy shit

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