By: Earnest Jones | 12-28-2016 | News
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Democrats In Collaboration With The Left-Wing Media Try To Normalize Pedophilia

The leftists have had a goal to normalize various forms of cultural insanity and morally disgusting behaviors all the while attacking the traditional American values as bigoted and hateful. Any person who has all their faculties intact can see how twisted this is. The mainstream media has been their appropriate weapon of choice as they broadcast the globalist nonsense in an effort to brainwash people.

The Democrats appear to be setting pace in what will be a declaration by the Supreme Court that pedophilia is a Constitutionally protected right. The recent turn of events has exposed the wicked ways that many of the top leftists such as John Podesta are involved in the pedophilia ring and as a result they are striving to make us honor and adopt this perversion.

It’s unfortunate that Americans are being urged by the Ultra-leftist publication Salon to accept pedophile rights and acknowledge that individuals who want to have sex with children are normal. The regressive Left is trying to defend these sexual predators who prey on innocent children.

These endeavors that the Democrats are heavily involved in provide an explanation as to why they are relentlessly attacking the Constitution all the while Hillary was acting as if she was above the law. The left is defending pedophiles so as to favor moral relativism and reject objective standards.

America is headed in the wrong direction. The wicked Democrats are collaborating with the mainstream media in an effort to normalize pedophiles. However, it is no surprise that the left is doing this. They have a track record of trying to make awful behaviors appear as something normal.

The same idiots who are against people who are against homosexuality and lesbianism. It is evident that they are striving to wage a cultural war on the United States, however, it's time for conservatives and libertarians to fight back. This behavior is like cancer in the bones, slowly eroding the U.S. traditional values. If we continue to ignore the wicked schemes that the Democrats are waging on our cultural values, we’re eliminating the probability of future growth of our society by allowing this cultural insanity to have its way.

Let no one lie to convince you that pedophiles are normal. They should be treated as the sexual predators that they are.

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Anonymous No. 884 2018-09-21 : 04:25

ARE YOU NUTS????? No wonder the "right" and "left' wings are at odds with one another. This is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!! Who comes up with this nonsense??? Someone has lost their minds!!! THIS IS NOT ANYTHING that has EVER been even thought of by the Left wing…INSANE!

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