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Photo credit: Lennox Police

South Dakota Woman Kills Her 8-Year-Old Son and Husband Before Committing Suicide

Police in Lennox, South Dakota say they've arrived to the scene of a grisly double-murder suicide.

35 year old Stephanie Hoover shot her husband, and her eight year old son killing them both before pointing the gun to her head and taking her own life.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Johnson a relative came to the home and found the three deceased, lying in a pool of blood in what he described as a “tragic and horrific scene of violence”.

"There's just certainly strong indication from the layout, what's in the house, where the people are at, some other evidence found in there that just, again, strongly suggests that this is a murder-suicide," he said.

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The home on South Main Street in Lennox, South Dakota was surrounding by police and emergency medical responders as well as crime scene investigators from the Lincoln County Sheriff's CSI unit.

Johnson also said that the family had several other children who were at school safe when the shooting happened, and that he couldn't confirm why the eight year old wasn't in school at this time.

Due to the graphic nature of the crime and the fact that the family did have children who were in school all Lennox area schools were placed on a temporary “lockout” procedure until investigators could confirm it was a murder suicide to ensure the safety of the other children in the event that this was a targeted execution, which it now appears not to have been.

“In a lock down, for us, we have an immediate threat in the building, and so it's a different process than a lockout, and so a lockout is when we have an exterior threat," said Superintendent Chad Conaw.

No information has been released as to a motive yet and it is believed the surviving children are staying with relatives.


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