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Mafioso McCain: Vietnamese Manchurian Candidate?

Disturbing recordings of what is being called "Tokyo Rose" style propaganda from Senator John McCain have recently surfaced. Like a scene from the Manchurian Candidate or a real-life example of the type of brainwashing supposedly inflicted on GI's during the Korean conflict, McCain praises his Vietnamese captors while apologizing for the crimes of the USA.

<a href="">This would make McCain</a> just another presidential hopeful who has been accused of potential war crimes and treason (see also: John Kerry). In comparison to the treatment of Iva Ikuko "Tokyo Rose" Toguri, one of a handful of Japanese-American women caught behind enemy lines and offered a job as an English language radio announcer, McCain got off scot-free. Could it be connections that helped save McCain from a fall from grace that could possibly make his name synonymous with Benedict Arnold or "Tokyo Rose."

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McCain or "McNasty" as he was referred by several fellow alumni of the US Naval Academy has managed to remain nearly untouchable over his career. Despite the weight or supporting evidence, the wealth of scandals seems to scurry away like water from a duck's back.

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<strong><h2>John McCain $200 Million dollar fortune based in Mafia money</strong></h2>

McCain's father was an enforcer for the Arizona branch of a nationally organized crime syndicate. The senior McCain worked for Kemper Marley, a mob chief for Meyer Lansky. Lansky was immortalized as Hyman Roth in the film the Godfather and worked for hand in hand with the Bronfman family of Montreal. The Bronfman clan, incidentally, would eventually become the Seagrams fortune. Marley, a major hitter in the Lansky/Bronfman Jewish mafia, was also very chummy with the Republican and Democratic parties in Arizona.

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<strong><h4>Michael Corleone meets with Hyman Roth</strong></h4>

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Is Robert Baratheon-I mean John Mccain still alive? The Russian mafia hasn&#39;t gotten to him?</p>&mdash; Luna Darks (@mar_y_estrellas) <a href="">July 30, 2017</a></blockquote>

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The Bronfmans of Montreal, The Rothschilds of Europe, the Oppenheimers of South Africa and Armand Hammer of the United States were dubbed the "Billionaire Gang of Four." These players were influential in both Hensley and McCain's millions. It was Hensley’s mentor and partner Marley who, in 1976, the prime suspect in the contracted hit of journalist Don Bolles who was then investigating the mob in Arizona. Marley was never prosecuted.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">John <a href="">#McCain</a> &#39;s career was financed by the Jew Bronfman crime family and his father led the coverup of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty</p>&mdash; Aidan Bane (@AidanBaneGP100) <a href="">July 20, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Both the Washington Times and Newsweek (owned by the same parent company coincidentally enough) attempted to suppress the true origins of the McCain millions. From both the McCain side and the Hensley side, corruption and organized crime play a very quiet role. Cindy McCain's father Jim Hensley went from bookie to bigwig in the Kemper Marley liquor interests. Marley would <a href="">escape federal charges of illegal distribution</a> after hiring former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

The Bronfman's made it to the top through murder and rum-running from Canada to the US during the prohibition. McCain divorced his dying wife to marry into the Hensley fortune. The Hensley's, of course, was going into the liquor business. Bronfman, if you didn't know, is Yiddish for "Whiskey man." Just another coincidence, I'm sure. Naturally, after the end of prohibition, the Bronfman's went into legitimate liquor and beer distribution. Speaking of coincidences, <a href="">Texas night club owner and Bronfman family lieutenant Jack Ruby</a> was also connected to the Jewish side of the Mafia family.

McCain is also a frequenter of Rothschild fund-raisers. It is perhaps these close ties to the Lanskys, Bronfmans, and Rothschilds that prompted his apology for a speech in which he noted that "America is a nation founded on Christian values." McCain was also involved in the not so friendly fire from Israeli bombers that led to the sinking of the USS Liberty. Is this perhaps part of the reason for McCain's obsession with nuking Iran, as well?

<a href="">McCain is known as a politician who doesn't like to play dirty</a> at least as far as attack ads go. From allegations of war crimes, connections to the Mafia on up to the Keating Five financial scandal of the 80's. The Keating Five were <a href="">connected to the BCCI savings and loan scandals</a>. BCCI, colloquially termed "Bank of Crooks and Criminals" by those in the know, was involved in the funneling and laundering of money that connected the Bush family and the bin Laden's as far back as the 80's.

<a href="">Counterpunch reports:

<blockquote>McCain’s escape from the Keating debacle was nothing short of miraculous, probably the activity for which he most deserves a medal. After all, he took more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from the swindler Keating between 1982 and 1988, while simultaneously log-rolling for Keating on Capitol Hill. In the same period, McCain took nine trips to Keating’s place in the Bahamas. When the muck began to rise, McCain threw Keating over the side, hastily reimbursed him for the trips and suddenly developed a profound interest in campaign finance reform.</blockquote>

Shortly after that, Cindy McCain briefly made news for <a href="">stealing drugs from one of her charities</a> to support her Percocet and Vicodin habit. Ironic considering McCain's own standards (or double-standards) on drug abuse.

With crime families like the McCains, Bushes and the Clintons at the forefront of American politics, is it any wonder we're told organized crime is dead?

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