By: Kyle James | 09-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: Esquire Middle East

Dubai Tests Worlds First Flying Taxi In Stunning Video

The future may have finally arrived, at least in Dubai, as the world's first flying taxi took flight Tuesday. Yesterday, The Goldwater reported on drones being tested in China for food delivery.

It seems this air taxi's design has a few similarities with the drones being used in China. The air taxi is made by a German company who calls it the Volocopter, it is a multi-blade helicopter which is capable of carrying two passengers.

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Dubai officials have said they are beginning trails of the electric air taxi service by the end of 2017. The authorities in Dubai also have ambitious plans to implement a fully operational pilot-less flying taxi service by 2022. The taxi has began a five-year trial period where the service will be tested and vetted by the emirate’s Road Transport Authority and Civil Aviation Authority before it becomes publicly available. The Volocopter took off in a video showing a test flight of the taxi from an airstrip just outside the city of Dubai.

The video shows the Volocopter flying in front of the Dubai skyline as it banks and turns. There are astringent safety requirements as the vehicle has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes. The craft has 18 separate motors to guarantee a safe landing if any of the other motors fail.

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