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Killer Clown Caught After 27 Years Thanks To DNA Evidence

In a bizarre love triangle that may finally come to a close, a woman disguised as a clown nearly got an away with murder. On May 26, 1990, Marlene Warren heard a knock on the door. It seemed like a normal Saturday morning, the only thing out of place was a clown with a bouquet and balloons standing at her front door. When Warren answered the door, there was a clown with a red wig, a red nose, gloves and a painted smile on its white face.

The clown pulled out a gun and shot her in the face.

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After shooting Warren in the face, the clown calmly walked back to a white convertible Chrysler LeBaron and drove off. The victim died two days later in the hospital. The clown killer was never caught and Marlene Warren's husband eventually remarried. Now, DNA evidence shows the person disguised as the clown was actually Sheila Keen Warren, the current wife of Marlene Warren's husband, Michael. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office decided to reopen the investigation which went cold all those years ago. DNA evidence linked Keen Warren to the crime along with witness statements from the stores where the clown supplies and flowers were bought.

Police arrested Sheila Keen Warren, 54, at her home on Tuesday in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Abingdon, Virginia and took her to jail. Keen Warren is awaiting extradition to Palm Beach County for the Crime that occurred nearly thirty years ago. The victim's sister said she didn't think the killer would ever be caught and described Warren, "She was a special young lady, she was a pretty young lady with long blond hair."

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