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Photo credit: Border Patrol

Border Patrol Agents Takedown MS-13 Leaders in Tucson, Arizona

The endless crackdown on MS-13 isn't slowing to a halt anytime soon, and under the Trump Administration's presence the Department of Justice alongside federal agencies has promised to continue to hunt each and every last one of them.

There is no corner they can hide in, no city they are safe, and no running from the long arm of American law and order.

Border Patrol Agents from both the Tucson and Nogales stations in Arizona say they've apprehended two more MS-13 ringleader, both of whom have been previously deported.

31 year old Eugenio Franco, who's a Mexican National and top echelon leader of MS-13 was apprehended while trying to cross into the United States illegally, according to CBP Agents.

The heavily tattooed general of MS-13 has been profiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for several decades as a key playmaker of the criminal drug cartel crime gang and now is off the streets.

Special Agents also apprehended 41 year old Julio Santos, who's an El Salvador National, as well as a lifelong thug from the crime syndicate MS-13.

According to the Customs and Border Patrol both men have extensive criminal histories and have <i>(had)</i> a decisive role in the United States of America's number one most wanted gang, Mara Salvatrucha aka MS-13.

They will now face Federal Felonies under the new orders from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that has stated if you have previously been deported from the United States of America and you return you will be charged with a Federal Crime ensuring that you will remain incarcerated.

In this case, keeping these two men off the streets or potentially gaining information on other high level members of MS-13 could be crucial to the Department of Justice’s efforts to cleanse the streets in America which are being flooded with narcotics from these savage terrorists.

Make no mistake about it, MS-13 is a terrorist organization not only involved in brutal homicide and a criminal syndicate nationwide but responsible for trafficking in deadly narcotics that are poisoning children.

Another new ruling under AG Jeff Sessions is that all apprehended criminal aliens will undergo extensive background checks and biometrics data collection including information in their irises, fingerprints, DNA, full face scanning, blood type, and any possible identifying valuable resources that can be obtained to recognize them again if they ever get released from prison and try to return.

The United States Border Patrol, along with Customs and Border Protection welcomes assistance from the general public and would like to remind citizens that these are federal criminals the moment they cross that border.

You can do your part and report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol by calling 1-877-872-7435 toll free. All calls will be answered and remain anonymous


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