By: Steve Dellar | 09-26-2017 | News
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Pedo Marie Dent Gets 3 Years

Ms Marie Dent of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom, was convicted to three years imprisonment today for imposing as a 15 year old online and having sex with a minor.

Ms Dent, 44 years old, used a fake name and Facebook profile to claim she was a pretty 15-year old girl online to lure 15-year old boys to meet up with her.

The public prosecutors said: 'She entered into communication with the young man, a 15-year-old boy, and throughout she maintained she was 15. They met up on two occasions and by that time the communications had become intimate. By the time they met they had been talking of love.'

Ms Dent admitted to sexual activity with the child (who cannot be named for legal reasons).

She had spoken to the teenager, whom she groomed for months online before meeting him, about love before she kissed and cuddled him when they finally met up in a local shopping mall.

During their second meeting in the boy’s house, Ms Dent engaged in sexual activity with the boy, but was caught in the act by his mother who stumbled in on the two just as they had undressed themselves.

During the trial, the prosecution also made clear that Ms Dent contacted several other boys via the fake Facebook profile and that it was sheer luck the boy’s mother stumbled in on them for otherwise Ms Dent would have surely arranged further encounters.

The investigating detective, Mr Richard English of the Essex Police, commented on the ruling: “Marie Dent is a predator who used a false identity on social media to make friends with someone she knew was 15. She deceived the victim, claiming she was the same age and, on those lies, built a friendship which became sexual. This was a dreadful case and I'm pleased we've been able to safeguard the victim. I hope Dent will use her time in prison to reflect on her actions and their consequences.”


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