By Lawrence Synder  |  12-27-2016   News
Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

Barack Obama’s outgoing foreign policy team, led by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, is really doing a bang up job in ruining the country’s international ties before President-elect Donald Trump assumes office in January. After betraying Aleppo, Obama’s administration has now turned its back on Israel.

On Friday, Power, under orders from Obama, made a controversial move by refusing to veto Resolution 2334 of the United Nations Security Council. The move blatantly goes against Israel’s settlement policy, since it could push the negotiations in favor of Palestine.

But, as noted by The Hill, as shocking as it is, Obama’s scheme against Israel doesn’t come as a surprise given the way his administration has treated Aleppo.

Throughout the Syrian civil war, Power, along with Secretary of State John Kerry, have lauded themselves as anti-genocide advocates. However, none of them made solid resolutions to stop the mass slaughter of civilians in the city at the hands of Syrian and Russian forces. The civil war grew significantly worse after Shia and Alawite Muslims joined forces to target Sunnis.

Despite the atrocities going on in Syria, Obama’s administration has chosen to remain silent. Although several lawmakers are already starting to condemn these killings, they could not help the victims in Aleppo without proper support from the administration.

Now, the country and the entire world has seen how Obama’s betrayal on Aleppo has spilled over to Israel, a nation that the president has considered as one of the U.S.’ strongest allies.

Fortunately, even with all the intentional blunders committed by the current administration, the U.S. still has a chance to redeem itself through Trump. Through executive orders and support from Congress, Trump can enact policies to bring real aid to Aleppo and even possibly end the raging civil war. Also, his administration can still utilize vetoes to stop additional policies that are meant to extend Resolution 2334.

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