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Evil Kentucky Man Kidnaps Woman, Murders her 5-Year-Old Son over $200

According to Kentucky State Police, a vile and ruthless man murdered a child after kidnapping the boy's mother, and it was over a small amount of money.

A Kentucky State Police Detective testified in open court against Lonnie Belt, who was charged with murdering five-year-old James Spoonamore.

Investigators say that the child's mother, Jessica Durham was subject to a kidnapping as a result of her husband stealing $200 from Lonnie Belt, and he intended to get revenge in the worst possible way.

Lonnie Belt on September the 8th tricked Jessica Durham into going to her home to meet with her husband, where he was waiting in the shadows.

Detective Charles Brandenburg said, "So she went to the end of the hallway, where David was supposed to be, the bedroom. She went into the bedroom. David was not there. She was struck in the back of the head with a metal object by Lonnie.”

"She went on to say, when she got back in the vehicle she was blindfolded and tied up, and her head was bleeding. Her small child, her 5-year-old son was in the back seat," Brandenburg testified in the open courtroom. "She could hear him say, ‘Mommy you're bleeding, Mommy you need a doctor.’”

The Detective delved further into the horrendous crime, saying that Belt took Durham to multiple locations on that grim Friday, repeatedly beating and torturing her.

Finally, Belt took Durham to the woods and kicked her off a cliff where he had intended for her to die. She then fell 77-feet, but miraculously survived.

According to the officer, Durham was laying at the bottom of that cliff for nearly 24 hours before hikers on a nearby trail found her.

That wasn't enough for Belt, however, the monster decided that the five-year-old had witnessed the crime, and must then be killed to ensure his silence.

"He finally admitted to taking James, putting him in a car and driving him to a separate location, in the same wooded area, across Sparks Ridge Road, where he hit James in the back of the head with a metal object multiple times."

Law enforcement has been unable to locate the object Belt used in the murder, but he did admit to the horrific crime.

Belt has since entered a plea of not guilty in the case, although Detectives say he's undoubtedly responsible.

Lonnie Belt was charged with several Felonies including murder, assault, kidnapping an adult, kidnapping a minor, and tampering with physical evidence.

The Judge in the case says there is more than enough evidence to send the case to a Grand Jury, which will likely return an indictment against Belt so he can stand trial for his evil crimes.


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