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Myrtle Beach Thug Kills 9 Month Old Baby, Child's Mother Disposes of Remains

Law enforcement in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina says that a savage killing of a ninth-month-old child could have been prevented if Children's Services had been notified that the baby was living in the presence of a previously charged child endangering criminal.

9-month-old Aaliyana McCoy was living in the home of her mother, 19-year-old Ladasha Harriet, and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Daquan Simmons; who had a previous Child Endangerment charge against him, according to police.

By looking into Simmons prior convictions and criminal records, he's had several run-ins with law enforcement including burglary, resisting arrest, and child endangerment in the past.

In an attempted arrest of Simmons for Armed Robbery back in 2014, Simmons held up a 12-month-old baby to use as a shield to escape from the police during the attempted apprehension for his crimes as he fled from officers.

During that same case when he went to trial, Simmons was later charged with unlawful conduct towards a child, but then made a deal for that charge to be dropped the same day Simmons pleaded guilty to both burglary and resisting arrest.

One of the largest problems in America right now is that outside of Child Sexual Predators, there is no registry system available for those who endanger children or hurt them physically, and that's something lawmakers on Capitol Hill need to undoubtedly consider.

Look, I'm right leaning and against big government but when it comes to protecting children I'm all for the maximum protections being in place to ensure their safety.

Keep in mind this man Simmons was only 22 years old and has all of these crimes on his record already. He's undoubtedly not the best-suited person for parenting.

That would later be proven, in a graphic and sickening case that officers say will torment them being mothers and fathers themselves.

Officers from the Myrtle Beach Police Department would encounter Simmons and Harriet again in July when they received a report about a missing child, the ninth-month-old Aaliyana McCoy.

For nearly three months investigators kept searching for the child, in hopes that one day they would locate the baby in the case of a kidnapping.

However that all changed when officers received an anonymous tip that led them to execute a search warrant at a home on 3rd Avenue South in Myrtle Beach last Thursday.

Then, the following Sunday police found the remains of the child near the Socastee area.

“Yesterday, officials discovered what we believe to be the remains of the baby,” Myrtle Beach Police Captain Joey Crosby said.“Additional examination and testing will be needed to validate our belief.”

Horry County Coroner Dennis Fowler examined and then identified the baby girl as Aaliyana McCoy, confirming that law enforcement would never find the child alive.

What was once being investigated as a kidnapping had quickly turned into a homicide investigation to the dismay of everyone involved?

Arrest warrants were then issued for both Simmons and Harriet which stayed the following:

<blockquote>“On or about July 15th of 2017, Simmons ‘severely beat’ nine-month-old Aaliyana McCoy. Simmons then reportedly took the deceased infant in her car seat to an undisclosed location in an effort to conceal her remains.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”The following day, July 16th of 2017, both Harriett and Simmons went back to where the baby was left, purchased a shovel, and buried the baby in a different undisclosed location,”</blockquote>

At the time of Simmons arrest, it was then found out that he's currently out on bond for another case if carrying a loaded pistol from back in October.

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Authorities did not confirm how they came to this conclusion or if one of the duo had admitted to the crimes, but nonetheless, it is believed that the mother of the child assisted the boyfriend who beat her infant daughter to death in hiding the baby's corpse.

Absolutely sickening.

Simmons was charged with Homicide by Child Abuse, and Harriet has been charged with Homicide by Child Abuse in the way of aiding or abetting.

Both are currently being housed at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

Myrtle Beach Police Department’s records show that the Department of Social Services initiated the process of investigating the parents, but haven't said how or why.

Municipal Judge Glenn V. Ohanesian oversaw the couple's initial hearing, stating that the graphic nature of the crimes does not permit him to grant bond.

“I’m just here to advise you of your rights and let you know that bond is going to be set in a different court,” Ohanesian said.

Harriet and Simmons will appear in front of a Horry County Judge on December 8th at 1 PM.

According to Police Captain Crosby, the South Carolina State Law Enforcement’s Special Victims Unit has assisted in crime scene analysis in this case, which will further assist prosecutors in putting these monsters away for good.


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