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Florida Officer Busted for Child Sex Charges, Deputy Helped Cover Up Crime ​

A disturbing reporting coming out of the Florida Highway Patrol and the Lake County Sheriff's Office that one of their prestigious officers is the perpetrator responsible for sexually molesting a child, and that a Deputy may have known about it.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy who likely had knowledge of the crimes and failed to report it to authorities has since been placed on administrative leave, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff's Lt. John Herrell said, “The Deputy possibly knew of the abuse and failed to immediately report it as required by state statute.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has not identified the Deputy involved in the potential cover-up, but they will if he indeed faces charges at the end of the investigation.

In Florida daycare workers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, and doctors are required by state law to report child abuse especially in the case of sexual crimes against children.

The Florida Highway Patrolman who was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a teenager in Groveland is 32 year old FHP Trooper Chad Corriveau.

Law enforcement say they've concluded an interview with the child and that a forensic examination has been performed on the young teen which confirms the molestation happened.

Investigators say that Corriveau not only forcefully restrained the child, but used sex toys in order to molest her on one incident for for hours.

“The juvenile victim indicated that at no time did she tell the defendant that she did not wish to participate because Corriveau is short tempered and she was afraid for her safety,” the report said.

Florida Highway Patrol says that Corriveau has been employed with their department since late 2009, and while he's under arrest he's also been placed on administrative leave until after the trial concludes.

Another example of disgusting pedophilia where the victim is a child being abused by an authority figure, seemingly a common occurrence in our decaying society.

Penalties in Florida are usually harsh for sex offenders, and if convicted the former Patrolman could face up to ten years behind bars, which truthfully isn't enough.


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