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Ivanka Spikes One in the End-Zone for High Tech Ed

High-tech education is a priority of the Trump administration and as such is poised to announce today a $200 million federal grant program to expand computer science and technology education in schools. Such is part of the focus on training Americans for jobs of the future that was also a pet project of presidential daughter and special adviser, Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka has earlier said that the program aims to increase the number of computer science classes all over the country, including rural communities and inner cities. Ivanka has also given emphasis into bringing more women and minorities into tech fields.

The presidential senior adviser and eldest daughter’s project also hopes to end the perennial mismatch between job vacancies and the skills of U.S. workers.

It is Ivanka’s goal to teach children computer science and other technical skills.

Ivanka also shared that the country at present has a record-breaking 6 million job vacancies, 500,000 of which are in roles that required coding or computer science skills. She said: “Given the growing role of technology in American industry, it is vital that our students become fluent in coding and computer science with early exposure to both.”

The President will formally announce the grant program at the White House later.

Trump will sign a memorandum asking the secretary of education to invest a minimum of $200 million of grant funding to expand classes specifically in science, technology, engineering , and mathematics also known as STEM, and computer science. As the initiative will use funds of the education department, it will no longer need congressional approval.

Ivanka also provided an overview of the initiative to reporters. She said: “This administration is committed to building the workforce for tomorrow and equipping Americans with the skills they need to secure high-paying jobs and achieve the American dream.”

The $200 commitment by the Trump administration was just a minimum, and can potentially provide more for the initiative.


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