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Barret Brown The Renowned Anonymous’ Journalist Released After 4 Years In Jail- Pledges

The renowned journalist and activist Barret Brown is best known for his works with Anonymous. Having served a brutal 4-year sentence, he was recently released from jail. Brown spent 6 months of the four years in solitary confinement. Despite the release, Brown will still owe over $800,000 in restitution fees and still face 6 months of house arrest.

Brown’s aggressive approach of journalism and activism made him a controversial figure and he was thus targeted by the federal law enforcement due to his support of Anonymous.

There were several charges that Brown was facing during his trial. The charges were so many that Brown was facing over 100 years in prison. However, the charge that stuck involved hacking after Brown placed a link to an already hacked WikiLeaks content in a chatroom for journalists and activists to research on it; Brown copy pasted the link, he didn’t hack the material. The accusations laid against him involved placing the link in a chatroom and sharing information concerning some leaked content.

The establishment is always keen to prosecute courageous activists and journalists who expose the selfish tactics that are being used by the elites. It’s no surprise that Brown was convicted for being a journalist who was not afraid of exposing the crimes and secrets of those in high places. The establishment has the Mainstream Media in its pocket and for generations, the media has been controlled right to the edge such that

only re-approved journalists are the only ones given the opportunity to ask pre-approved questions of the oligarchist. However, anyone who broadcasts anything critical of the establishment is guaranteed to burn and crash.

The existing establishment has been corrupt for generations and we have had it for long. The proliferation of Internet activism has made it possible to birth a new breed of journalists that will make sure that the corrupt ways of the elite are ended. However, it’s no easy task, the oligarchist will go to great extents to make sure that they target such bold citizens. Several individuals have been subjected to character assassination and imprisonment, Brown is a concrete example of the recent trend that the establishment is involved in.

Brown recently made a statement in which he pledged that he is in favor of further leaks and hacks against select targets and institutions that are engaging in crimes in collusion with the U.S. government.

Alex Winter, the actor and director who starred the comedy Bill and Ted tells Brown’s story in a new mini-documentary called Relatively Free which shows Brown’s release from prison and travel to a house where he was ordered to stay. Winter is renowned for creating films that raise awareness about free speech, battle for the internet and privacy rights. Winter released a film called Deep Web which reported on the story of Ross Ulbricht who is facing life in prison.

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